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Thursday, January 22, 2015

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Google Drive – The Best Cloud Storage For All Users?

Google Drive – The Best Cloud Storage For All Users? By – Nov 16, 2014 0 1 SHARE

Google Drive is a cloud synchronization online service that offers file-syncing services where one can download and install programs on computers, and mark files or folders and can have them sync between the Google Dive and other devices.

It has 15GB worth of storage space for the Gmail inbox. One can save Google Drive documents, photographs and videos shared on Google+ and files too for free. If the user requires more than that kind of memory they can pay $4.99 for 100GB per month all the way up to $799.99 for 16TB per month.

The file-syncing service works with internet connection in order to access the files/ documents one wants to sync with the Drive and saves them to the cloud storage. Google Drive also offers desktop-to-desktop syncing service by the help of the downloadable Google Drive applet which in turn creates a Google Drive folder on a computer then the applet enables synchronization of the folder on to other multiple devices.

With Google Drive one can upload files, convert them to Google’s file format and be able to edit them online. One can also create new documents, slide presentations and spreadsheets online and can export the finished products to any preferred standard file formats that the user wants such as .pdf, .rtf, .doc, and many more.

The user can share files by just right-clicking the Google Drive folder, then the system tray applet appears giving more options and information to select from than it used to previously. Navigation around the Drive has become easier now that it offers a more intuitive grid-based view making it easy browsing through your files, photos and documents stored.

Google Drive’s biggest plus has always been its ability to integrate with Google’s other products and services such as the Android smartphones and tablets. Mobile Google Drive apps have made it extremely easy uploading files from the devices on to Google Drive then back on to another device like a laptop, another phone or even a PC or vice versa. One can also view photographs, files and Office documents while on the move.

It can also support more apps and also making it easy to preview documents, files, photographs and video file formats straight from the internet whether the required software has been installed or not, for example, one can view and edit documents from the drive from various devices without having Spreadsheet or Word processor installed.

However, these documents can be edited from the PC or laptop Google Drive using their standard applications installed on the Google Drive page, for example, Word documents to be opened by the Microsoft Office application on Google Drive.

Last year’s update of the Drive also brought about a dedicated Preview view that allows one to quickly flip through previews of documents, photographs and PDFs and being able to download or share them by just a click.

Recently, it’s been updated to having an Activity Stream view that tells one which users have been uploading or editing files and the files that have been edited or uploaded in one view.

Google Drive is a fantastic cloud storage option which is free to try. The only word of warning is that once you decide to start storing things in the cloud (on whoever’s servers you choose) it is extremely hard to transfer it all off again.


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