Google Fiber – The Best and Fastest Network Ever

The past few years have been great when it comes to internet technology.

Some changes have come in that have turned out to be very defining and with the new year in, it is time to start gearing up for some of the best developments for 2015.

There was a giant leap from using a dial-up connection to using a broadband connection. This brought in numerous changes in the way people carried out their activities as they could now use faster connections. While still meditating on this amazing development in internet tech, another development came in and this involved leaping from broadband connections to high-speed fiber optic networks.

The Fiber Optic Difference

Those of you who have had the chance to use all the three types of connections for accessing the internet can attest to the great success story the internet technology has in its book. It is only you who can truly know the power that has been brought in by the advent of high-speed fiber optics.

Google Fiber to Offer High-Speed Internet Connection Services

The face of the internet as we know it is about to change with the introduction of the Google Fiber – an internet connection service by Google. Google Fiber is presently available for use in limited areas of the U.S., providing users of Kansas and 34 other United States cities with access to internet and TV services. However, this is expected to change very soon, as more people begin embracing this amazing service from Google.

The Google Fiber Difference

Google Fiber is not the only optic network company available today. However, what distinguishes this service from other providers is the fact that it is embedded under the Google image and brand value. Google Fiber started back in 2011 and slowly it has gained momentum to reach great heights in 2014.

The best part of this Google service is that it will offer users with a much improved connection speed of 1 Gbps, be it downloading or uploading. Looking at this in real time shows that this speed will be at least 100 times faster than what an average American citizen has. What this means is that you can download an entire movie within a few minutes, say two.

However, before using this service, ensure that your device has support for Gigabit Ethernet as well as category 5 cabling or greater. Alternatively, you can also have an 802.11 AC compatible Wi-Fi router and a wireless adapter.

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