Google Hangouts Needs These Improvements – Have You Ever Missed These?

Google Hangouts is a communication service that allows its users to text, call, and participate in video chat.

The service has been around for over a year and Google is continuing to enhance the users’ experience with the app. Google Hangouts is a unified communication platform which means it can be used in different devices using your singe Google account. This proves to be a convenient way to chat whether for personal or business use but it doesn’t mean that it’s everyone’s favorite chat service today.

Improvements for Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts can, without a doubt, do the job right, but there are several areas where improvements are greatly welcomed. While Google makes upgrades on its chat service, a few more updates here and there are called for so Google Hangouts can finally be put in the ranks of other more popular chat services like Skype.

More Precise Status

Currently, you can see if someone is online by the green circle on their profile picture or the green line below their name in a chat window, but these indications are not very noticeable. Google can improve this by making the online status more obvious and while they are at it, they can also add other statuses such as busy, offline, idle, or away.

Better Gmail App Notification

When you missed a message offline on Google Hangouts, your Gmail app will be notified by showing the number of messages you missed. However, if you open your Gmail app, the offline message is nowhere to be seen in the inbox and instead, you need to open your Gmail in a web browser to view the message. It would be nice to view an offline message you missed on your Gmail app instead of having to open your mail in a computer.

Only Search People within Our Circle

If you search for a name in the search feature, the results will show all persons with the same name within Google’s interface. This is not a big deal if it’s an uncommon name, but if you’re searching for a more common name like James Johnson, then every James Johnson will come up in the results. It’s really easier to be able to search for people within our contact list or Google+ Circles.

More Participants the Better

While you can have 10 participants in a video conference (15 if you’re using premium features), it is still far from what’s normally in a group meeting or press conferences. Google Hangouts’ limit of 10 participants is already more than what other chat services allow but it could be improved if they add more 20 to 40 participants in the video conference.

Better Way to Share Files

To share files on Google Hangouts, you need to click on the camera icon and wait for a pop-up to appear before you can select files to share. Sharing files via drag-and-drop would be a great time-save for users of Google Hangouts. Google is not new to this feature as it is already available in Gmail but to see this in Google Hangouts will be great too.

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