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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

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Google Hangouts – Taking the Lead in Cross Platform Communication

Google Hangouts – Taking the Lead in Cross Platform Communication By – Nov 18, 2014 9 1 SHARE

Video Chatting with Groups

You can now access Google Hangouts through your mobile phone as well, as it is available for both the iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. A standalone application is available bringing you audio and video chatting features available on Google+. When you have the application installed on your home screen, it is easy to access group calls or a one to one call without having to go through a few menus. Users of the app can hang out with their friends, with a maximum of ten people in a group video or audio chat. The Hangout automatically detects the face of the person with whom you are talking to and the shots of all the other nine people are offered as a smaller shot at the bottom of the Hangouts page. There are also buttons that enable switching between the front or rear cameras, turning on the microphone or turning it off, turning off the video, and for quitting the app.

Replacing Google Talk

Google Hangouts is a replacement for the previous Google Talk found in Gmail. The app is available for mobile devices and users can chat with contacts and friends while on the go. You can start a conversation either with a single person or with an entire Circle. While chatting, you can make the conversation livelier by embedding emojis or attaching pictures. These pictures can be sent from your gallery or from Google +. From a chat conversation, you can quickly jump to a video call. However, the Hangouts app on mobile devices will not show you the people who are online at the time. This is in contrast to the web application that offers status messages and indicators to show which of the contacts are online, busy and so on.

Taking the Lead

Google Hangouts, formerly Google Talk, was previously only an Internet based chatting and video calling service present in Google+. However, it is now dominating the mobile scene by being one of the most popular free video chatting services, offered for free, across various platforms. It is simple for setting up, as the user only needs a Google account to start using it. It is a great combination of the best features of Google Talk and Google Voice put into one and is frequently used by almost everyone for making VoIP calls and sending messages.

Completely Free

The best part of Google Hangouts is that it is completely free. You can enjoy video hangouts, audio services, chatting and instant messaging, video sharing and photo sharing all through this app, either from your PC or from your mobile device for free. This will eliminate the wastage of limited message plans through your carrier, as you can communicate with your friends for free. You can just drop messages to friends and they will receive them immediately. You can even view when the person has read the message and when they type out a reply. The video calling feature of Google Hangouts is the icing on the cake. It supports all devices and platforms and you can communicate with large groups, send files and view all the faces live.


Google Hangouts successfully does what it set out to do. It makes it easy and simple for users to make audio or video calls and send messages to their contacts and friends. The advantage that it enjoys over other apps like Facetime is that you can use it to make audio and video calls over different platforms and operating systems. If you are interested in saving mobile minutes and want to make international calls and have a Wi-Fi connection, Google Hangouts can be the perfect solution.


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