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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

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Google Hangouts vs. Viber Video Calling – Favorite VoIP Apps

Google Hangouts vs. Viber Video Calling – Favorite VoIP Apps By – Nov 17, 2014 210 1 SHARE

Rich in Features – Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is an app offering live audio and video chatting facilities within Gmail and the Google + network. It is also available for downloading as a separate mobile application and comes with many useful features of sharing your screen, drawing on a board, editing documents, creating broadcasts and so on for any number of viewers.

A Mobile App to Begin With

On the other hand, Viber is a mobile application offers features of audio and video calling without any payment. It offers free international video calling and sending of text messages to any other device having the application. The app uses 3G and Wi-Fi for calling people on your phone contact list, so that you can call or text them without making any payment.

Mobile App – Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a default messaging application in Android phones and forms the basic part of its social network. It serves by performing many tasks, such as an SMS application, an IM service with many emojis, voice calling features and video calling services, all rolled into one single integral service.

PC App – Google Hangouts

The PC application or desktop app of Google Hangouts is a little different. It is provided within the Gmail and is clearly seen in the sidebars of the user’s Gmail account page. You can easily begin a video or audio call from this place and also have a video conference with several contacts during a single Hangout.

If you make calls to another Hangouts user, it is totally free. However, if you are calling a landline or another mobile phone directly, you will have to pay the Hangouts rates, which are quite low.

The biggest advantage of Hangouts is that it has a massive user base. You might notice that almost all your contacts have a Google account and Hangouts comes along with this account. This makes it very easy to call any of your contacts. Again, in case of mobile devices, if you are using an Android phone, the app is already present on your device; so it becomes your default service for making Internet calls and sending text messages for free.

Viber – A Mid Sized Player

Viber seems to be a mid-sized player when compared to Google Hangouts. It is comparatively new to the video calling apps scenario. However, it recently got a huge boost when Rakuten purchased it for $900. It began as a mobile application, a VoIP service and the video calling service was added later. You have to first begin by making a voice call and then switch over to the video option, rather making it look like an afterthought. There are also some problems with the video quality at times.

Viber Desktop Application

Now, Viber is also offered as a desktop application, rather like Skype. It is very simple to set up Viber on your PC, and this is especially so if you already have a mobile application set up. The interface is simple and there are many emoticons found in a purple color scheme.

You can also use the Viber Out service for making paid calls at reasonable rates. All calls from Viber to Viber are free. It is a cross platform application and is available for various mobile phones, such as iOS; Android; BlackBerry; Windows Phone and several others. The biggest advantage of using Viber on your mobile phones is that it syncs with the contact list of your phone. Viber’s pricing for making international calls to non users is also quite reasonable. It offers good audio quality irrespective of the mobile operating system that you are using.


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    My favorite is It does not require any software instalations. You can call directly from the browser.

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