Google Maps – Download a Free Way to See the Entire Planet without Leaving Your Room

We humans are a curious race indeed.

We want to see everything there is to see and this curiosity drives us to always look for more, to new places we can visit. When you couple that fact with the blessing that we live on this beautiful planet called Earth, which is full of wonders that leave us amazed, you have a perfect setup for exploration.

But what happens if you have the urge to travel yet can’t afford to, or if you don’t want to stop enjoying your familiar surroundings, with all the benefits of the modern civilization?
Have no fear, because technology has advanced to such a degree that there is no need for you to abandon the comforts of the society and actually go outside into the wilderness. With your broadband Internet connection, you can leisurely globetrot to your heart’s content.

Therefore, it will benefit those who love exploring the world by travelling as well as those who want to experience travelling and seeing the world, despite their lack of time or the money to do so. If you belong to either of the two categories and you are not yet using Google Maps, then you should be asking yourself why you are not. There are plenty of ways that it can benefit you.

Get to Your Destination without Memorizing Directions

There are just places that are hard to remember the way to. If you are like any person who easily gets lost, then you will know that especially when you are in a new place, it can be sometimes challenging to perfectly remember how to get to a certain place. If you have Google maps, however, you will have the convenience of just driving guided by the app installed on your smartphone or tablet computer and you don’t have to sweat trying to remember which corner to turn or which road to take.

Use Google Maps’ Street View to Experience a 360-Degree View of Any Location

In its beginnings in 2005, the only thing you could do with Google Maps was to see your neighborhood in a murky, low-resolution picture, but let’s face it, to see your own rooftop back then was exciting enough and is a moment many people still remember fondly. Since then, Google Maps has evolved far beyond its original intention and now includes the ability to browse the streets, which means that you can right now virtually go from the place where you’re currently at and visit the famous landmarks such as The Empire State building or Sydney Opera.

You can also get step-by-step directions to any location you pick, traffic information, reviews of local businesses, related information from Wikipedia and much, much more. Google Maps and Google Street View will give you a totally new, panoramic, perspective on any place, whether you’ve visited it before or not. If you still haven’t been to Broadway, now you have no excuse for not doing so.

My Places Feature of Google Maps Enables You to Create a Personalized Map

The only downside of the Google Maps, the way it was originally introduced, was that you couldn’t personalize it, that is, until the My Places feature appeared. With it, you were now free to put your own markers on the map, each of them with its own comment and in this way create your own travel itinerary, thus removing the need for cumbersome maps and saving yourself the embarrassment of asking for directions. It would be even worse if you don’t actually know how to fold the map back again or if you do not know the local language well enough!

Even though My Places is just a feature of Google Maps, it by itself has enough features that no list of them is ever exhaustive. However, there is one more worth mentioning, and that is the ability to share all your personalized maps with the public, to collaborate with others online on creating an ever-expanding network of relevant information. Oh and did I mention the fact that all of these functions can be saved online and then accessed from your smartphone or tablet. All of this makes Google Maps a perfect tool for an easy and effortless orientation

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