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Friday, April 3, 2015

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Google Maps – Getting Lost is Becoming Harder

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With Google Maps rolling out more and more new features, it is becoming harder and harder to get lost.

Google Maps has brought out additional features for its mobile app on Android and iOS devices. This helps improve commutation by train and automobiles as also using the Uber car service. Here are some of the new features of Google Maps.

Switching Lanes

A new feature in Google Maps lets the user know whether to stay in a particular lane or to switch lanes. In the earlier days of Google Maps, there was very little warning about the exit time. Maps would give the instruction for exiting at the last minute and users would miss it, as it was too dangerous to suddenly swerve across several lanes in the short time available. The new feature provides ample time for turning and eliminates this problem. It is safer to receive the directions while driving. Users don’t even have to enable this feature for receiving instructions on taking the exit. When you search for directions from one place to another, the guiding slides automatically pop up when you tap the car icon. A small white box in the top corner will show you the number of lanes in the road and the one that you are supposed to be in.

Save and Search Features

You can now search certain map areas and then access them even if you are offline. Though this feature was possible even earlier, the feature has been integrated in the design of the map more prominently and is much easier to use now. The user can give a label and store a map in a particular location and then search for the map when he is on the road and look at the directions offline.

In order to use this new feature of Google Maps, you have to first make a search for a particular location that you are planning on visiting. It can be a city or it can be a specific neighborhood. After the search has loaded, the user has to swipe upwards to view the location card of the area. You can view some information about the area, such as the Street View and so on. At the bottom, you will find a box that is to be tapped for saving the map for using offline. The map will be shown again and you can pan around or zoom in and out and so on.

After you have finished viewing the map, you can tap on ‘Save’ at the bottom. Give the saved map a name or merely use Google’s suggested name for your map before saving it. It may take some time for the map to get saved, depending on the area of the map. In order to access the saved map again, you must go to the home screen and tap on the person icon seen in the top right corner. You will be able to view the profile page, containing your Home, Work locations and other locations that have been saved along with all the recent searches. At the bottom, you can view the offline maps.

Specifying Times for Public Transport

Specifying Arrival or Departure times in case of public transport is also possible with the new Google Maps. Public transport services, whether trains or buses, keep varying according to the time of the day. You can make searches for a particular arrival time or a particular departure time in order to fit your schedule. All time factors are taken into account by the application, and the app will be able to tell you the time of the last train or the last bus for the night.


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