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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

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Google Maps – Has it Changed Navigation Forever?

Google Maps – Has it Changed Navigation Forever? By – Nov 1, 2014 2 0 SHARE

A map is one of the most important things one needs when travelling to new places.

A few years ago, people relied on printed maps or guides to be able to find their way in a town, city or state. Over the years, technology has evolved and today people no longer rely on printed maps. This is because there are different navigation tools and apps that are more efficient than printed maps.

There are different navigation tools offered by different companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo and Google. The latter is seen as the leader when it comes to navigation tools. When Google Maps was first introduced to the world, it was just another navigation tool. However, years later, it has grown to become the most used navigation tool of all time.

People love using Google Maps mostly because of its ease of use and its highly responsive user interface. Google Maps offers detailed street views as well as detailed aerial imaging. Since Google Maps is an open API system, it is possible for users to add data that may be specific to an application in the map.

Google Maps and Developing Applications  

Google Maps is an intuitive mapping system with street and aerial data. With its controls, it is possible for users to navigate through Google Maps with ease. They are able to view images of buildings and also view street details. It is also possible for users to use the mouse and arrow keys for map panning. This makes Google Maps an even more compelling tool.

The good thing about Google Maps is the fact that it comes with customizing abilities. For instance, someone running a real estate agency can come up with an internet based application that makes it possible for people to search for properties where the results are shown on Google Maps.

Google Maps Updates

Recently, Google Maps introduced new features for iOS and Android users. These new features make it easy for commuters to make use of Google Maps from their mobile devices. These new features allow users to switch lanes when listening to driving instructions. This is a major improvement from a few years back when Google Maps users received no instructions for taking exits on roads. This new feature gives users ample time to switch lanes as they approach an exit. It is now possible to view the number of lanes on a road and also know which one you need to take.

Search and Save With Google Maps

The search and save feature on Google Maps makes it possible for users to access saved directions on their Google Maps even when offline. This feature has been available on Google Maps for a long time. However, it is only recently that it was upgraded to offer a better service – it also became easier to use. It is now possible to label the maps and even store a specific location to make searching while offline a breeze.

By simply tapping on the small white box at the bottom of the maps, the location of interest will be saved for offline viewing.

Google Maps can only get better from here. Nobody knows what developers are going to come up with next, but one thing is for sure – Google Maps has changed navigation forever.


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