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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

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Google Maps – How to Use Offline Maps When There’s No Internet…

Google Maps – How to Use Offline Maps When There’s No Internet Connectivity By – Nov 2, 2014 4 0 SHARE

Google Maps has proven very useful to many people for years since it was launched.

It has helped tourists who go to a foreign city for the first time not to get lost, especially when there’s a language barrier between them and the locals. Google Maps has also reduced the use of paper maps with its easy and convenient app. Travelers who are going to an unfamiliar place just need to download Google Maps on their device to navigate even secluded areas. People who are always traveling to different places are the ones that benefit most with Google Maps as it’s their go-to navigation app whenever they travel.

Going to a Place with No Internet

However, one disadvantage of traveling is that you don’t always know if the place you’re going to visit has a good internet connection. Google Maps requires an internet connection to search for areas and for other features; however, there is an option where you can use the navigation app even if it is offline. This special feature is specifically for areas that have no strong internet connection. If you’re visiting a place that you know you won’t get an access to the internet, it’s better to do necessary steps before heading out of your house.

Save the Map While at Home

While you’re still at home, you can search for the location to which you’re headed and save the map for later use or once you got there. Even when you can’t get online, you will still be able to access the saved map. You can save an entire city; however, it’s better to save the specific area you’re traveling to.

How to Save Maps

With a working internet connection, search for the location you wish to save and then go to the information bar. You will see information about the area along with the Street View option. Scroll downwards to see the option that lets you save the map to use offline. When you tapped the option, the map will appear again and you can fix it by zooming in or out or panning around the area. Once you’re satisfied with your map, click the save button. You can name the map to easily find it or you can just choose Google Maps’ automated suggestion.

How to Access the Saved Map

Once you’ve arrived at the no-internet area, you may access the saved map by going to your home screen. Leave the search bar empty and tap the person icon on the search bar. There, you will see your profile page, including your recent searches and your saved maps. Continue to scroll down until you see the saved map you’re looking for.

No Wi-Fi, No Problem

This is just one of the many features of the Google Maps but being able to use the map even when you’re offline is one of its most useful features. This is very convenient if you’re traveling alone and you’re not the type to ask random people for directions. It’s important that you make use of this feature so you won’t ever get lost when you travel in a remote area where Wi-Fi is rare.


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