Google Maps Introduces the Ability to Time Travel

Time travel has long been one of the main fascinations of mankind.

However, there simply exists no technology that has made it possible up until now. Google, though, is planning to change it. After all, this is the company that had invented several new aspects over the last decade. Yet, even this is a very big task for the Internet giant, but they have gone one step closer by introducing this tool in the Google maps. The maps feature from Google has long been the preferred destination of visitors worldwide.

Time Travel through Snapshots

It is estimated that Google maps receives more than 1 billion visitors every month. Introduced a few years ago, Street view has become a major feature within this app. Now, Google will be providing snapshots of the neighborhood from several years ago. Right now, the plan is to offer snapshots from the last seven years. This will be the pictures taken by Google cars as part of the Street view feature.

The company, which came under criticism for privacy issues due to this feature, has been taking additional photographs over the years. It now plans to continue this aspect, while also adding it to the Time Capsule feature in the street view. A Google product manager said that such images will become vintage pictures over the next few decades. He has also revealed that the ambition of Google is to become the mirror of the world.

As always, Maps will be free to users. However, the company may be collecting information in order to help its advertising division. This has always been a controversial aspect of Google. However, given that they keep coming up with great features like time travel, users are likely to feel obliged to the internet giant.

Some Dramatic Changes Already

Even though Street view came out only in 2007 – thus meaning that there are no images prior to this date – there are already a lot of changes in some parts of the world. Major changes are seen in Japan, which experienced a nine magnitude earthquake a few years ago. Some of the pictures reveal the massive changes that have been undergone in regions like Tohoku as a result of such disaster. Other areas that have also seen great changes include New Orleans, which was especially devastated after the hurricane Katrina.

New York pictures feature the evolving nature of the World Trade Center as it was being built, while Times Square also attracted a lot of interest. This new feature from Google has already taken into account several cities across the world. It is expected that the suburban streets will also fall under the eyes of Google in a short period.

Street view is already available in 55 countries around the world. Adding the timescale feature for only a few major cities around the world has already doubled the storage required for the data. Google has failed to disclose the exact amount of pictures they hold right now. Apart from Switzerland and Germany, the timescale feature is now available in the rest of the supported countries.

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