Google Maps – Some Amazing Features You Do Not Know About

Several years ago, if you were going to a foreign destination, you needed a guide or a physical map to help you navigate the area.

Today, we have Google Maps – a powerful navigation app. This application has made it possible for all people to be able to visit even the most remote areas. For travelers, Google Maps is the go to app when they need to find their way. Despite the fact that Google Maps has been with us for a while now, there is still plenty about it that most users do not know about. Below is a closer look at Google Maps features that perhaps you did not know about.

Unavailability of Internet Connection is No Longer a Problem

If you are driving to an area where you will have no internet connection and fear that you might lose your GPS location, you can rest easy. Prior to driving into a no-internet zone, you can search the location you desire and save the directions on your phone. Even when the phone loses internet connection, the saved map will still be accessible. This is how to do it:

  • For iPhone Operators: When you have good internet connection, locate the desired map, tap on the information bar and then zoom in the map. Scroll downwards until you can see the “Save Map to Use Offline”option. Select this option. At the top of the screen, you will be given confirmation that the map has been saved. When you get to an area with no internet connection, just go to your profile to view the map.


  • For Android Operators: Go to Google Maps and find the location. Tap on the information log and scroll down. Select the option “Save Map to Use Offline”. When prompted on whether you want to “Save Map”, accept and you will get confirmation that it has been saved. Name the saved map in a way that will allow you to find it easily on your profile.

Look for Flights

Most people do not know that Google Maps can give information concerning flights. For this service you can use Google Maps on your desktop. You simply need to key in the starting location and the desired destination and tap on “See Results on Google Flights”. Alternatively, you can click on the dotted buttons on the toolbar – that is, if you do not have the “See Results on Google Flights” option. While there, you can access information like time, available flights as well as the prices. This is convenient as you can even compare prices of different airlines.

Zero-In Feature

If you cannot find the location you are looking for by simply entering the current address of the area, you can use the Zero-In feature. To access this feature, go to “My Location” on your Google Maps and enter the recent address of the location in the dotted, blue circle. Once you have done this, the app can now easily find the new route.

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