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Monday, March 30, 2015

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Google Play vs iTunes – The Battle of Android and Apple

Google Play vs iTunes – The Battle of Android and Apple By – Nov 16, 2014 2 0 SHARE

In today’s market, there is a major war raging between the top makers of mobile devices and applications. With increasing consumer demand, multiple products have launched within the past six months with no end in sight.

Currently, one of the biggest is Google Play vs iTunes – battle of Android and Apple. In addition to both companies excelling in what they do, each is vying for the same customer.

Introduction to Google Play and iTunes

Google Play is one of Google’s products where Android users of phones and tablets can go to purchase and download a variety of applications. Some applications are free while others are minimally priced.

In comparison, iTunes is an Apple product designed as a media player, media library, and mobile device management application used to play, download, and organize both digital audio and video on personal computers that run on OS x and Microsoft Windows.

Although the two vary, each provides the opportunity to download applications and they are linked to the world of entertainment.

Overview of Google Play

Google Play was formed from a combination of Google Music, Google eBookstore, and Android Market. Initially, it was called Android Market, which was released in 2008 with roughly 50 applications to offer. Today, it is known as Google Play and boasts more than one million applications from which users can choose.

A key benefit of Google Play is that after someone downloads an application, not only is it on the mobile device, it stores in the cloud. If at any time a user wanted to remove an application from the phone or tablet but later decides to add it back, the application can be retrieved directly in the “My Apps” in Google Play.

Google Play is currently available online, as well as through Android devices. This one-stop-shop is convenient and fast. To search and download an application, a user simply goes to the Google Play loaded on the device and then searches using different available categories or the search option.

Although a large number of applications on Google Play are safe, there have been problems with malware. Unlike its competitors, Google tries to keep the installation process as open as possible, which means there is some risk. However, with reputable virus protection on the phone or table, a user should be notified of potential harm prior to an application being downloaded.

Overview of iTunes

iTunes is an Apple product and as with most other offers, it works great and people love it. In order to play, download, or organize digital audio and video, a user must have a personal computer that runs on OS x or Microsoft Windows. However, iTunes is also available on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

With this service, users not only gain access to music but can actually purchase or download music videos, audiobooks, podcasts, television shows, ringtones, movies, and in some countries, movie rentals.

To get iTunes, an individual simply needs to go to the App Store and download the application software. Since first being launched, there have been a number of versions, with the latest iTunes 12 having been released just last month.

A few additional features of iTunes are library sharing, library viewing, playlists, sound processing, and printing capabilities. As far as security, Google and Apple do things quite different. In the case of iTunes, Apple has very tightly-controlled systems whereby developers must pass through strict requirements established by Apple.


When it comes to Google Play vs. iTunes in the Battle of Android and Apple, there are pros and cons of each. Again, these two services are unique in many ways and while some users have both, often an individual will prefer one over the other. While the number of available applications is about the same, reports show that iTunes tends to be a somewhat more secure choice.


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