Google Talk – Is it the Best, Most Convenient Texting and Calling App?

Over the last few years, the number of apps and web services meant to facilitate communication has been on the rise.

Gmail commands a large proportion of web mail service users and with it comes a number of free services, including Google Talk. For a few years now, Google Talk has been the instant messaging platform of choice for most Google users. This is mainly because it is a Google service, and people tend to trust it.

Like most communication apps and services, Google Talk also makes it possible for its users to communicate in real time. Google Talk makes this possible by using Google Voice and Google chat services.

More on Google Talk

Also referred to as Gtalk, Google Talk makes it possible for you to use VoIP for voice calls while at the same time making it possible for you to chat with other Gtalk users in real time. Google Talk is a free to use service and comes integrated with the user’s Gmail account. To be able to use Gtalk, you simply need a Gmail account. It is also possible to use Google Talk on your Mac and even Windows. It also comes with a few Linux functions. You can access Gtalk through a Gmail account, or it can be downloaded as a separate program.

How to Use Google Talk  

Making Conference Calls

It is possible to make conference calls using Google Talk. To be able to do this, you simply need to open Gtalk on your computer and open a copy on all the other computers that will be taking part in the conference.

After opening a Gtalk copy, you can create shortcut and add ‘/nomutex’ towards the end. If Gtalk was installed in the default folder, your shortcut is supposed to read ‘C:PROGRAM FILESgooglegoogle talkgoogletalk.exe” /nomutex. On each PC in the conference, you should open a second instance of the Gtalk software. Next, start a sequence that makes is possible for user 1 to be connected with user 2 in one instance, and another instance where the user 2 is connected to user 3 and user 3 back to user 1. This makes it possible for everyone in the conference call to be connected to other participants.

Changing Statuses and Nicknames

Unfortunately, it is impossible for Gtalk users to change their nicknames and make it visible to other users. This is because all nicknames used in Google Talk are made up of the part of their Gmail address that appears before

It is only possible through the Gmail account to change the nickname. You can do so from the Gmail settings bar in the accounts tab. Click on ‘edit info’ and enter the name you prefer to use as your nickname. This changes the nickname on all emails.

Broadcasting Music and Sound

You can easily broadcast MP3 music through Gtalk. You can do so by simply unplugging the microphone and then double-clicking on the speaker icon on the lower end of the right side. This will open the volume control where you need to access the ‘options’ tab that leads you your ‘properties’. You need to click on the button that enables ‘recording’ followed by clicking on ‘ok’.

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