Great Big War Game – The Best War Game For iOS and Android

‘Great big war game’ (GBWG) is currently one of the most popular names when it comes to war games available for the android and iOS community. This is mainly because of two reasons.

First, it features some interesting experiences which are a lot similar to the ones in its predecessor, great little war game, which enjoyed incredible reception. Second, the game is easy to play and has several missions, milestones and activities going on. It has been labeled the best war game for iOS and android by most gamers. This is a military war game that involves slaughtering the bad guys who are basically the opposing army.

The Game

Those who played great little war game will find this new game quite familiar as they are already used to various maneuvering features and controls. The game is produced by Rubicon Mobile and characterizes advanced war-style experiences that no other game has within the android and iOS community. It has a total of 50 missions, which every solitary gamer goes through to reach the assigned goal or objective. The armies are distinguished by red colours for the opponent and blue colour for your soldiers.

There are various tasks to achieve and the experience is quite exciting. To reach the assigned objective, your army will be involved in mass slaughter of the opponents including the assassination of their general.

Other activities involve the following;

  • Protecting your headquarters
  • Amassing a couple sets of gold coins
  • Protecting and escorting special persons like your general and team of engineers
  • Introduce sea and air units for more fun

Another interesting phenomenon is that the game is based on turns which give you enough time to micromanage the army and form smaller sects and units like bazooka men, grunts and snipers. You can take as much time as needed to organize the next plan of attack and utilize the battle points to achieve helpful upgrades.

New Multiplayer Feature

The inclusion of online multiplayer is perhaps the best new feature Rubicon introduced into the great big war game. This option was not available in the predecessor game and came up as one of the few concerns most gamers had. However, with the new inclusion, this game is now even more addictive than the former and has received better reception at 9.5/10.

What the cross-platform multiplayer offers include the following;

  • 70 maps to play with and
  • Ability to play with other gamers through an online platform

The game is turns-based which simply mean you take your cause of action and then wait for the opponent to respond. It can therefore take hours to days before completing. You can however search for opponents interested in quick gratification in order to speed up the completion.

You can also use the common pass-N-play where same device is used by two different players. Completing a course of action can take up to one hour or more depending on the mission objectives, map size and war fog.

The great big war game is highly recommended which is evident from its presence in most online stores including Google play and Apple stores. It features both offline and online playing options which means it can be downloaded at any time. It is also very interesting and allows advanced war-style experiences like no other.

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