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Sunday, January 25, 2015

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GTA 5 Download Exciting Tasks and Missions that Make Sense

GTA 5 Download Exciting Tasks and Missions that Make Sense By – Oct 18, 2014 0 0 SHARE

Human Psyche Model

There are three antiheroes in Grand Theft Auto 5 and they look as if they have been taken straight from the human psyche as described by Sigmund Freud. Trevor is the identity, being a psychopath who doesn’t have any consideration for anyone. Michael, who is realistic and has a moral force that attempts to keep the identity in check, plays the super ego of Freud’s model. Franklin plays the role of the ego, who is a practical partner mediating between the identity and the super ego or between these two psychopaths.

Swapping Personalities

The gameplay involves switching from one character to the other, each having his unique personality, making it a very exciting game. With the gameplay being broken into three different characters, it becomes even more interesting. The characters are very well written and have their separate motives, missions and personalities, so it’s fun swapping between them.

The swapping of characters is also very seamless and easy, making the game a unique one. You can jump from one character to the other at any point in the game, just by zooming out and then zooming in. This will show you all that the characters were doing since you played them the last time. They all have different missions as well.

Interesting Diversions

Apart from switching characters, there are many other distractions in San Andreas. For instance, you can take part in random activities or side missions that are optional. The content is overwhelming and you can do so much in this game that it might leave you a little undecided at times. You will always find something interesting to be involved in, such as a robbery. There are also many side plots making the world all the more colorful and adding fullness to the characters. Even if you diversify into all these side plots, it is very easy to get back into the main campaign of Rockstar’s GTA 5.

Exciting and Compelling

The narrative is very exciting and compelling. The missions are very well written. For instance, there is a mission where you have to be Trevor and fly the helicopter over a building, move down the side of the building playing Michael and offer sniper support in the role of Franklin, all in the course of a single mission.

Improved Mechanics

All the mechanics are enhanced when compared to previous versions of the game. For instance, there is a great deal of enhancement in the visuals, making GTA 5 an extremely good looking game and easily one of the best available for consoles. However, San Andreas has been detailed to such an extent that the massive and sprawling city details have pushed the hardware to a great extent. Hence, you could experience some frame rates dropping and so on. The gunplay is excellent in the game, aiming has been improved and the driving controls have also improved with some excellent and spine chilling chases.

Being in Full Control

Rockstar’s GTA 5 provides some thrilling heists. It is not merely responding to a question mark present on the map and conducting a heist or a robbing mission. The player becomes a very integral aspect of the entire planning of the heist and its thrilling moments. You can select from different plans, pick on the type of car for the getaway, collect your teammates and control all the aspects in a manner that has not yet been witnessed in any other game. When the mission starts unfolding, you can see the fruits of your hard work and the results coming out in accordance with the actions and steps that you have decided upon.

Rockstar’s GTA 5 offers a very sensible economy, where all weapons and vehicles can be customized. There are also various properties that you can buy, with some bringing in some income, whereas others are sources of new missions and tasks.


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