GTA 5 is 50GB on PS4 and Gets You $300,000 for Digital Pre-Order Bonus

Sony has revealed some great news for their dedicated players who have jumped onto the next gen console and purchased a Playstation 4.

If you own the new Sony console, there’s going to be some interesting digital pre-order bonuses which are exclusive to the platform. During the E3 2014 event, it was the Sony dais on which the release of GTA 5 on all new platforms was announced. So, it is a given that they are going to have some exclusivity on release date as well.

Digital Pre-orders Get You More

While there are specific pre-order bonuses for GTA 5 when you order it for the PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One, you get some exclusive content if you choose to pre-order a digital copy of the game for the Sony platform. The game’s product page on the Sony website confirms that if you purchase it now, you will be granted a massive sum of $300,000 in virtual currency. The currency is an important resource for the multiplayer version of the game, GTA Online. You can use it to purchase properties, vehicles, weapons and more so as to lead the life of a gang lord in the virtual world.

It is already confirmed that for players who pre-order the game on Xbox One or PC will get $100,000 as bonus. Playstation 4 owners will get the above said sum as an additional bonus which takes the sum up to $400,000. If you wish to make use of this offer, make sure to place the pre-order before November 3 after which the deal will get closed.

Keep 50GB HDD Space Ready

In another big reveal, the listing made on the PSN store for the Playstation 4 version of GTA 5 confirmed that the game will be 50 GB in size. The listing was spotted by people at the GTA forums who confirmed the information. You will need at least 50 gigabytes of hard drive space on your new console if you wish to install and enjoy the game. The game is also said to fully support the Playstation move controller.

Rockstar hasn’t revealed any information yet with regards to being able to play GTA 5 using the motion controller. We assume it couldn’t be such a huge feature because it is not a title designed for motion gaming but rather a simple addition for some levels to keep gamers enticed. We may know more when the developer speaks up.


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