GTA 5 PC, PS4, and Xbox One Version Listed As 2015 Release

The online retailer website Altex listed that the much anticipated GTA 5 will launch on PC besides the next gen consoles this year but it is now being said that they were not pointing to a 2014 release but rather a 2015 release date.

The wait seems exceptionally long because a game like Grand Theft Auto strongly relies on powerful graphics and processing power to render those huge worlds that the developer Rockstar studios usually create. But, in the name of exclusivity and to push sales on the older generation consoles which have reached their end, the game has been released only on PS3 and Xbox 360.

PC and Next Gen In 2015

The PC version was also delayed so as to maintain this exclusivity but the thing that has been annoying gamers the most is the lack of updates. Despite so many rumors and issues that came up because of the silence maintained by Rockstar, the company refused to budge and make an announcement. Ever since then, different retailers have been claiming multiple dates and none of them are official. The date confirmed by Altex is that the game will launch on PC on March 15th, 2015 while the Xbox One and PS4 consoles will receive the title even later on June 15, 2014. The time gap is too long and it won’t be surprising if some players to move on with other titles than rely on a franchise that promotes older generation graphics.

With the power rendered by the new consoles and PC hardware, GTA 5 could look better when it launches on these platforms. But, it is the never ending wait that sounds cumbersome. We are still in the month of April and have a solid 8 months to go before 2014 ends and there will be another couple of months waiting before it finally lands. Rockstar has not made any comments on these retailer listings and speculations as they are busy working on updates for the existing game. The upcoming High Life update is one of the anticipated DLCs that will allow the player to enjoy a sophisticated lifestyle.

High Life Update

They will be able to buy apartments, luxury cars that can be parked in the garage and become a big shot in the city where money speaks. Earlier, it was speculated that the retail version of the game on all three platforms will launch in the summer of 2014 or at least makes it way by fall but the new Altex listing has an altogether different claim to make. The game has already sold over 32.5 million copies on PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms. If it launches on three new platforms, it has huge potential to sell even more and break all time record sales. Similar issues were experienced during the release of GTA 4 as well when it first got released on consoles and made its way to the PC platform seven months later. But, the time to wait before it comes to PC players looks over 18 months if the listing date by Altex is to be believed.

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