GTA 5 – Top Features That Are Sure to Excite the Gamer in You

GTA 5, the recently launched open world action adventure game, has already made fans crazy with its new features and a much larger game environment as compared to any of its previous four versions.

The game had always boasted of being a hot pick of gamers around the world and topping the most selling game charts often, however, this time the makers have really done the work and spent good time while making the game which is evident from the host of new and more enticing features that have been incorporated in the game. Some of these features which have acted as a magnet for the fans have been described below.

Extra Games within the Game

GTA 5 has small games like tennis, golf, Chop the Dog and the jet ski which had been rumored to be present ever since the release of the first trailer. However, these features are actually good and worth trying out if you are a GTA fan and if you want to explore various things that the city has to offer. The simulation is very impressive and the accuracy and dynamics of these games are also great, giving you an option to spend some spare time at these places instead of carrying out missions all the time.

Plethora of Option to Earn and Invest

GTA 5 is a game that allows you to buy every possible entity that is buyable in the real world, from real estates, parks, casinos, companies, bars, restaurants and even cab companies or marijuana shops. The important part is that these places generate a steady weekly income which increases your money and also provide you with extra missions, besides the normal missions that you might be doing in the game. This has a been a great diversion from the previous games which allowed the real estate buying but it did not yield any real benefits as such.

Larger Game Environment

GTA 5 has a much larger game environment than any other previous game in the series and this is a great incentive for the GTA fans to love the game even more. The enlarged landscape has no area that has been cordoned off and every place has some secret waiting to be discovered, whether it be bonuses or weapons or any additional missions or some incentives. So there is much more to do in the game in your free time than just go around doing missions.

Switching of Characters

The game breaks its monotonous streak by allowing character switching, irrespective of the sex of the person playing the game. This adds fun and creativity to the game as players can don various roles during various missions. Additionally, the role does matter in the different missions and it makes the play more interesting.

These are some of the top features that have set apart GTA 5 from the previous versions. The success of the game is yet to be seen but the manner in which copies are flying off the shelf, the future looks good for the game.

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