Half Life 3 In Development But Is Not A Priority

if you’ve been around the gaming scene at almost any point since the release of Half Life 2: Episode 2 almost 10 years ago now, you’ll have heard one of the rumors regarding Half Life 3. Rumor after rumor has come out relating to the game, and its release date among a whole other host of reasons why we haven’t heard anything, but Valve have been more than slightly closed lipped when it comes to real meaty details about anything in the game, something the face and founder of Valve, Gabe Newell only propagates.

Although at this point a fairly significant portion of the internet is turned off to Half Life 3 ever existing, today we got a slight glimpse into the development of Half Life 3 from the man himself. In his short interview he talks about the companies biggest success; steam. He mentions how Valve started making Half life and Half Life 2 and could have continued making very successful, very profitable games if they wanted to, but instead decided to go into the then unprofitable business of making multiplayer games and platforms, which spawned one of the biggest FPS games of all time; counter strike and THE single biggest digital games distribution platform, steam.

It is this same logic that could bring the development process back for single player games, as although the industry is starting to head slightly more in that direction; currently games with a middle ground are starting to be the real success. How exactly would they fit this concept into a Half Life game? It’s unknown, but Valves record for home run games is astonishing, with some of the most critically acclaimed and popular games like portal, half life of course, even Counter Strike and DoTA2.

We’ve also seen development screen shots leak of the source 2.0 engine. Given the massive advancements that the source engine brought over what came before, even though we’ve only seen the source engine 2 used for a new left 4 dead game without context as to its improvements, at least some major improvements to half life can be made from the new engine

So, Half Life 3 is being worked on and valves every intention is to ensure the game is good, perhaps even if they have to break what is the current norm to do so. Okay then, what else do we know?

Well, we recently found out from a former Valve employee Minh Lee who co-created Counter Strike revealed that he had actually seen some of the concept art for Half Life 3 when he worked at the company a couple of years ago, alongside art for a new left4dead game.

The fact that a couple of years ago they had still only managed to make it to the concept art phase makes a telling story about the development, and given Valves commitment to quality and lack of funding problems, the game may have been in development for a significant amount of time before finally being scrapped.

So, based on some comments from Gabe Newell and a former employee we can vaguely piece together the development of the game, which seems like a chaotic process which will carry on being opaque. The one fact we can know with certainty is that when Half Life 3 finally does arrive, it’ll be a game worth playing.

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