Halo 5 Guardians Armor Can Be Unlocked With Master Chief Collection

343 Industries has revealed that players will be able to unlock the special new armor for Halo 5 Guardians when they plan and achieve accomplishments in the Halo Master Chief Collection.

The armors will be exclusive to the multiplayer beta for now and will also be available for the full game, when it gets launched in 2015. The achievements will vary and ardent players wouldn’t have any difficulty in unlocking them all patiently. When you do so, you will be amply rewarded and be able to use those specific materials in multiplayer matches that will give you a winning edge over the others.

Four Different Armors

The graphical renderings of the armors posted on the official Halo 5 Guardians forums have been confirmed to be not the final version. They are just textures and designs that have been used to approximately depict how the armor looks. The armors available will include generation one versions of the Mark VI, Scarred version of the same, Helio skrill as well as the Nightfall. Each one of them has their own set of pros and cons. If you know how to efficiently make use of the armors, it is definitely fun as well as efficient in the battlefield.

Nightfall is an efficient all-round armor and the developers say that most Spartans who have ample experience with maritime warfare will prefer this one. It is useful especially when they are guarding worlds that are not ideal for survival of species and needs a durable material which has best life support to sustain the scenario.

In the words of 343 industries, “the armors depicted in the graphical representations are early renders and may look different in the actual game. They will have a much more sophisticated model in the final version”. We do assume that when Halo 5 Guardians launch, these armors will look completely torn in battle and open to take in more damage which will add up to the hype during intense multiplayer matches.

Special Events

With the impending launch of the Halo Master Chief Collection, Microsoft is planning to host multiple events including a developers’ meet, where people will talk about the development process. There’s also a Halo 5 multiplayer program where two professional teams will compete against each other and it will be broadcast live on all major channels. It is going to be your first look at the next gen Xbox One exclusive and you can catch it on the official channels or on Twitch.

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