Halo 5 Guardians could Wait, Master Chief Collections Got 450 Achievements to Keep You Busy

Gamers waiting for Halo 5 Guardians may have to be patient because the leaked picture that confirmed that the game could land any time in November has been proven to be false.

Unless and until 343 industries announce something, there is no confirmation. But, you have nothing to worry about because the Halo Master Chief Collection has over 450 achievements to be unlocked. When players manage to officially unlock them all, they will be earning a solid 4,500 gamer score which is good enough to spend time in achieving them.

Launch Day Achievements

Microsoft and 343 industries have confirmed that the Xbox One exclusive Halo the Master Chief Collection will also add 50 additional achievements to keep you busy. A total of 500 gamer score can be achieved in total. Earlier, they confirmed that the game will have 4000 gamer score and with over 400 achievements to be made. With so much to do, gamers will have a real lot of content to deal with once the game launches this month.

Microsoft has also planned a grand launch event that will allow them to promote the game as well as the Halo 5 Guardians beta. The multiplayer beta matches will be held between two different professional times a night before launch day in Los Angeles which will be streamed live for gamers around the globe to see.

Covering all Titles

The 50 extra achievements will be split across the entire collection, on all games including Halo Combat Evolved, the re-mastered Halo 2, Halo 3 as well as the latest release Halo 4 game. All the old games have been reworked so that they are on par with the best graphics and game play elements to match the next gen console platforms. The achievements will also be spread across single player and multi-player missions which gives gamers enough reasons to check out each aspect of every game available in the bundle. There’s one Bite the Hand achievement and if you are curious make sure to check it out. It is done when you manage to beat an achievement already done by a 343 industries developer.

The hype is going to be all about the Master Chief Collection for now because it is the title that is going to get released right away. Halo 5 Guardians has to wait almost a year because the company didn’t reveal any plans of bringing it in early or mid-2015 next year.

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