Halo Spartan Strike is Coming to Steam and Windows Phone

Microsoft has officially confirmed that the new game Halo Spartan Strike, set in the hugely popular Halo universe will arrive on Steam platform for PCs and will also be available on devices running the Windows mobile operating system.

Similar to the original, Halo Spartan Assault, the new Spartan Strike is a top down strategy shooter, where you control your character using the twin sticks and guide them to victory.

While gamers are eagerly looking forward to Halo 5 Guardians which is the biggest ever exclusive launch of the new gen Xbox One platform, this could be a good filler, if you love to dwell in the universe for longer time until the big one comes out.

The good news is that when the game launches on the Windows Phone and PC through Steam, it will finally get rid of the annoying micro transactions that plagued the original Spartan Assault. Microsoft seems to understand their audience much better, because they have removed these in-game payment systems from their recent PC launch, Ryse Son of Rome as well.

Storyline Set In Halo 2

It has been confirmed that the Halo Spartan Strike storyline will be set during the Halo 2 universe and the game’s announcement is expected to bring much more details about it soon. When you play the game, you will also be entitled to achievements and rewards for the Xbox One version of the games in the franchise. The achievements will be unlocked for Halo The Master Chief Collection with weekly challenges and leaderboards. There is no news on when this game will get launched on Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles.

You will be able to purchase the Halo Spartan Strike for just $5.99 on Steam, Windows phone or you can also purchase it as a combo for both platforms. It will allow you to game on the go as well as on your computer when at home. The producer confirmed that there are no plans to bring the game to the Android or iOS platforms, which shows Microsoft is keen to boost their platform to a higher level in terms of exclusivity.

The game is set to get launched on December 12th and it will find its way to select platforms as mentioned above. For those of you who are on other Xbox consoles, you will be able to purchase the Halo The Master Chief Collection on November 11 which is hardly a month to go from now.


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