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Saturday, April 4, 2015

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Hangouts vs iMessage vs Facebook Messenger – Choose The Messaging App That…

Hangouts vs iMessage vs Facebook Messenger – Choose The Messaging App That Represents You By – Dec 20, 2014 19 1 SHARE

Google launched Hangouts to be a direct competitor to Apple’s iMessage and Facebook’s Messager App, which have become two of the most popular messaging applications for smartphones. And who doesn’t like to use emojis and lols when chatting with a friend? Virtual conversations seem funnier when using your imagination behind the screen and these three applications have all you need, but let’s see how similar or unique they are.


Hangouts can be used on any device running on Android and iOS, but no matter where you’d live on this planet, Google will notify you only on the phone you’re using. Facebook Messenger works almost the same as the website’s chat, which means that you must have an account and to log into the app, to talk with your friends. iMessage is a bit different, being used on desktop and mobile devices, but only manufactured by Apple, which means that you must have an iPhone, or an iPad, or a Macbook. You’ll log in to iMessage only from your Apple device, which can be frustrating for those who want to try this app, but they own an Android smartphone.

Easy to use

Every iPhone comes with iMessage and many users don’t even realize they have this application and they’re not curious to try it. So, for those who “accidentally” find it, this is how you can get in touch with your friends who own an Apple device. iMessage can send messages to a phone number or an email address, and if the message is sent to a phone number that uses a different application, Apple will send it as an SMS text and you’ll see a green chat bubble instead of a blue one.

Hangouts requires a Gmail address or it can add a friend only if he uses Google Plus. As an addition to the Android phones, Google introduced SMS texts in case you want to send a message to a person that doesn’t use Hangouts.

To contact a person on Facebook Messenger, he/she must be registered to Facebook and to be friends with you on the social network, at least. Unfortunately, not everybody is using Facebook, so it’s your mission to convince your friends to try Facebook. We’re sure they’ll love this place and this social network will make their lives easier and more exciting.


Google Hangouts allows you to set up a multi-person video chat and likewise iMessage and Facebook Messenger, this app will inform you if the message as delivered and read. In 2013, Hangouts featured 850 emojis, and recently, the app got a text and emoji status message feature.
Facebook Messenger has a lot of Stickers and Apple created its own emojis, so you can use smiley faces on any of these three applications.


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