Hitman Go Gets Classic Level Pack, Pricing Reduced To $2

Did you have the time to explore Square Enix developed mobile title Hitman Go?

If you haven’t, this should be a great time to start off because the game is now available for a discounted price. We are not sure if this is going to be a permanent price cut, but given the release date of the game, this could very well be the usual price for this Hitman title hereafter. You can buy it on the iOS or the Google Play Android store for just $1.99.

The game is exceptionally well done, where instead of trying to introduce the console version of the title to mobile gamers, the developers decided to adopt something entirely new. They have introduced a turn based strategy game which requires you to plan your every move and any wrong one will land you in the hands of the enemies. You can’t move or shoot them as you would do in the original game which makes this much more challenging, bringing the assassin to life.

New Chapter is Out

Apart from reducing the price of Hitman Go, Square Enix has also developed and released a new classic level pack. The chapter found in the pack is named as the St.Petersburg Stake out which is directly inspired by the console version of the game, which got released in 2002. Players who have already played Hitman Silent Assassin would definitely find the similarities, because this chapter uses the setting, the storyline as well as the obstacles used in the game. With the new classic pack, players will be able to get eight different strategic levels to crack their minds into. All eight of them have been heavily inspired by the second Hitman game.

iCloud Sync Supported

As people use multiple devices, the developers of the game decided to introduce iCloud sync support for easy transition. You can play the game on one device and easily log on to any other device so as to continue the game. For players who frequently game on both tablets as well as smartphones, this new easy cloud based saving system should help them enjoy the title without any difficulty in transferring level progress.

The game has received great positive reviews and going by the new content releases, it is definitely worth purchasing as you will have something new to play every month or so. Give it a shot and you surely won’t be disappointed!





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