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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

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How protein rich diet can be helpful in reducing the ill effects…

How protein rich diet can be helpful in reducing the ill effects of functional decline By – Mar 13, 2014 0 0 SHARE

A diet that has good amount of animal protein is said to ward off the ill effects of physical and mental functional capabilities of the elderly people. The power of protein absorption in elderly start starts declining with age. With age, the requirement of protein in a person has to increase. A study was conducted by Japan’s National Institute of Health and Nutrition and a research was undertaken to identify if taking protein intakes would be of help to elderly people.
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The main aspect of the research was to find out if taking protein intakes would help prevent depleting functional capacities of the elders in Japan. Questionnaires on food and diet were distributed and there were four separate groups were created, based on the type of plant or animal protein that they ingested. The result showed that those who took animal or plant protein foods were definitely sounder and were functionally also healthier. As compared to the men, women did not show any specific decline in the functional capabilities.

However, what can be deduced is that it is important to intake the right amount of proteins so that the body remains healthy and the functional abilities of the men and women can be utilized optimally. Irrespective of the type of protein foods, be it animal protein food or plant food, there was no significant change in the functional capabilities or a reduction in the sex drive of the individuals. The functional capacity of the individuals basically covered aspects of intellect and also social aspects and the manner in which they were able to take care of the daily activities. With the right percentage of protein intake, the elderly will be able to perform the duties without feeling unduly tired and lethargic. So now we know the importance of a high protein diet.


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