How to Hide Your Online Status on Viber

People have been using Viber as their free communication tool since 2010.

When it was first released to the world, people were just starting to get the hang of messaging apps but Viber has come a long way since then. Currently, Viber has more than 300 million users from almost 200 countries across the globe. It’s an easy way to chat and talk to your friends and family; plus it is equipped with many features that make each experience more convenient and fun.

Viber is Free to Download with Exciting Stickers to Choose From

Viber, like all messaging apps, makes chatting easier. It’s available for everyone and it’s free to download. People prefer to use Viber because it does not require them a single penny to use, unless you’re willing to shell out a couple of dollars for paid stickers. But even then, some stickers are free and you just have to download them before you can start sending them out to your contact list. To purchase or not is really up to you and it doesn’t compromise your chat or talk experience if you decide not to.

Online and Seen Status

A long debate over privacy is underway when it comes to the status in the messaging apps. Some people are not a fan of the “available” status in messaging apps, including the time when you were last online. Other apps, like WeChat, have steered clear of this debate by not including the “last seen” status on their app. Viber, however, makes use of this feature that allows you to see your friend’s last online time and whether they are online at the moment or not. Your friends can also see when you were last online and if you’re available for chat.

Some People like It, Some People Don’t

While this feature proves to be useful in many ways, there are reasons why some people go against it. Sometimes, we want a little bit of privacy, especially if we’re going through something or just tired from a long day and we don’t want anybody bothering us for a while; but with the “online” status, we can never really escape everyone. There may also be times that you want to save your reply but because of the “seen” feature, your friend may think that you’re just ignoring their messages.

How to Turn These Off

The good news is that you can change the settings on these features on Viber – something that you cannot do in all messaging apps. Thanks to Viber’s privacy settings, you can avoid going through these situations. Just go to Viber’s Privacy under Settings and disable the “Share Online Status” and “Send Seen Status”. Once you’ve done this, you can now have a peace of mind without any of your friends trying to chat or talk to you if you’re busy or if you just simply want to be quiet for a few hours. You can easily turn the settings on but you need to wait for 24 hours before you can enable the “Share Online Status” once again.

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