How to Make the Most Out of Skype’s Lesser Known Features

When it comes to online communication, many people list Skype as their No. 1 messaging app.

Skype has continued to evolve since it was launched in 2003, bringing online communication to a whole new level. Skype provides users and businesses a platform from where they can communicate and conduct video conferences, without having to spend money. Through its services and features, Skype has greatly improved communication among home users and business users.

Skype’s Not-So-Popular Features

While Skype is more known for its chat and voice and video call features, it has other lesser known features, but also as useful as the others. If you want to make your Skype experience as seamless as possible, it is important to make the most out of every Skype feature.

Screen Sharing

One of the useful features of Skype is the ability to share your screen with the person you’re video calling with. This feature will come useful in different situations; if you want to show photos or videos to someone without sending them to the media or if you’re showing someone a step-by-step procedure of an app or program. This feature only works when you’re on a video call. Click the “+” icon and choose share screens. A dialog box will appear and you just have to click “Start” to start sharing your screen.

Call Quality Information

It’s important that you check the quality of the voice, video, webcam, and network connection before participating in a video conference or starting a video or voice call. Many people neglect doing this and it results to bad quality voice or video call, wasting their time, more often than not. This feature will be very useful if you have an impending job interview over Skype. You will definitely win points if the voice and video quality is perfect. Employers are often turned off, with bad quality videos on Skype. You can check this information on Echo / Sound Test Service so you don’t have to deal with a crappy voice or video call again.

Facebook on Skype

Skype also allows you to connect your Facebook account to your Skype. This lets you view your news feeds and update your status directly from Skype. However, aside from these services, the Facebook integration also allows you to call your Facebook friends. While your Facebook friends are not automatically added on your Skype contact list, you can still start a conversation or make a call to your friend, as long as he is also online on Facebook.

Share Mood Messages and Add Video

You can share your mood with your Skype friends and while that’s already cool enough, you can also tweak and have fun with the feature in several ways. You can make use of special characters, change the font size, or add a video to your mood. You can choose any video from Dailymotion or Metacafe. Skype is also integrated with the two video sharing websites – you can select a video you want to add to your video straight from their websites and make it appear

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