How To Prepare For Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty is an FPS series which has spanned more than a decade now, bringing out a new release each year and keeping the same classic gameplay but moving through history from world war 2, to the 60’s, 70’s and Vietnam war and even into the present and the near future. Despite the fairly big changes in setting though, the games were still relatively comparable until the announcement for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, which sets itself in a slightly further forward future, where exo suits, jet packs and the like are the norm.

This means that for an average multiplayer player who dominates at Call of Duty Ghosts (the most recent installment) there are going to be a whole bunch of new skills you’ll need to pick up if you intend on beating people in the same for Advanced warfare, so this will be a guide on what you can do to prepare yourself for all of the new skill sets, perks, game modes and weapons coming to Advanced Warfare.

The first and simplest advice is not to play Ghosts, but instead play Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. This game is a year older, but many of the attributes from Advanced Warfare including the weapon and perk system, as well as how the game plays out is much more similar to Black Ops 2 than Ghosts does.

So, now you’re playing Black ops 2, you’ll want to pick a weapon class to specialize in. Although there is an all new laser weapon category in Advanced Warfare, most reports (and my own experience playing the game) show them to be very much not effective when it comes to quick kills, so one of the more conventional weapon types will have to do, with assault rifles or sub machine guns being the easiest picks to make here. Whichever you pick, just try and pick on of the more average, full auto weapons and stick with it.

Now you’ve picked a weapon, the attachments and perks you pick are very similar to the options you have in Advanced Warfare, which uses the same mechanism of attachments functioning as perks, like the quick draw rail and the laser sight. This means you can try and get the same balance of perks and attachments you can expect from Advanced Warfare, unlike Ghosts where the perk count is higher as a result of taking away many attachments.

Now for the gameplay itself. While there’s obviously now way to practice the double jumping and melee stomps, you can improve your gun skill for the tricky situations you’ll no doubt come across. The higher the recoil your gun has, the more you’ll learn about tracking targets in normal play, seeing enemies run behind chest high cover, or running circles around you will slowly start to improve the amount of time it takes you to lock onto a target in any situation.

A key tip you perhaps already know that can also offset the knowledge gap you have just after getting a new game is to try and stick towards the edge of the map, as this gives you less angles to be potentially flanked from, because one side of you will of course always be to a wall. In kill based game modes this is more effective than in domination or the like, but it can still be a handy way to plan surprises where the enemy team don’t expect you.

Next up is your use of cover. Although Advanced Warfare will take some of the advantage that good cover currently gives you away, it is still one the most crucial advantages you can take when you go into a gun fight with someone facing you head on, and knowing how to spot cover and always moving between it is a very smart and valuable skill to have, even in a game where people are constantly in the air.

So there you have it, try to stick to a weapon class to learn how to play it perfectly, while knowing that the edge of the map is a smart and safe place to be, and also that cover is so very useful and you can’t go far wrong when behind it. If you practice over and over again with these tips not only will your play style improve but you’ll start locking onto targets faster, and achieve more inside the game. Hopefully these tips help!

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