HTC One M8 – Gives Camera Satisfaction To Users

HTC one M8 is a flagship smartphone with a great camera. Its camera competes with high end devices such as Sony Xperia Z2, Nokia Lumia 930 and Samsung Galaxy S5.

This is because it has the best imaging features that any smartphone can have. Every photographer lover will like the M8 Camera, it comes with tons of features that gives camera satisfaction to its users. Apart from its great hardware features, the HTC camera app has additional features that lets you achieve photography in a creative way.

Dual 4MP Camera with 1/3-inch CMOS sensor

The duo camera feature of the HTC is the most talked about camera feature. This exclusive feature creates a noticeable difference with images captured on this device. The device is able to record images using a sensor, this sensor enables the camera to have an idea of how the distance of objects from the lens.

Unlike other HTC devices the M8, comes with two sensor chips that improve on depth information of the image. The sensor mimics the stereoscopic human eye view, it allows the camera to distinguish between objects that are the foreground and those at the background. The HTC one M8 then uses this information to apply blur at the background.

Refocus feature 

The refocus feature with this camera lets you choose the focusing point after an image is taken. This is similar to the Lytro light field camera. The only difference is that this effect in HTC, this is achieved through shooting rapid bursts of focus-bracketed images. The camera then automatically chooses the best image.


The U-focus feature also lets you select a focus point by tapping the focusing point on your screen, it then blurs other parts of the frame that are not close to the focal plane. This will let you isolate an image in a similar way as you may shoot a portrait using a camera with large sensors and large aperture. In so doing the end result image is so much like the real thing.

Shooting performance

The shooting performance of HTC one M8 is great, it is quite fast and its shot-to-shot speeds are great. This allows shooting of multiple normal photos in a second without a burst mode. The shooting performance will only get low in night mode, if there are low lighting conditions. According to HTC, the camera has 0.3 seconds focusing speeds, this is similar to other high end devices such as Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5.

Video performance

M8 comes with a 1080p and 30 fps video. In good lighting conditions, it is able to record a video that is of high quality. The absence of an image stabilization will make the images shake. However, with its great OIS stabilizer added, the video recorded is more stable compared to that of its predecessor M7. The sound quality is also good because the camera has great inbuilt microphones.

With these features, HTC One M8 is probably one of the best cameras in the market. Photographer professionals and people that love taking photos with their devices will enjoy great moments with this camera. 

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