Human Brains Alter Memories, Rewrites Past: Study

A new study published in the Los Angeles Times suggests human memories can be altered by new experiences. The report says human memory rewrites the past by updating it with new wisdom.
Brain 300x300 Human Brains Alter Memories, Rewrites Past: Study
Northwestern University cognitive neuroscientist Donna J. Bridge conducted the study and finds the area in the brain located behind the eyeballs can distort as well as verify reality as per the experiences of an individual, and it is active on both the activities. He tested the memories of seventeen people and studied the subjects by making them to do a simple task, with the help of which he measured their memories to find whether it is altered or consolidated.

Bridge gave the seventeen participants location of several objects and later asked to remember those on a computer screen with a different background. He found 16 people failed to remember the original location of the objects by about three inches.

He also offered three options to remember, but found most of the participants failed to remember again the correct location.

In all the tests Bridge found the same spot on the brain was extremely active. The area behind the eyeballs maintained correct memory and also new false memory confirmation simultaneously.

He said the overlapping activity was shocking and the brain is made to adapt what is more important.

Talking to the Times, Bridge added that as one encounter new environments or new situations, it is better to use the past in informing the present and future, which means updating the past.

The study was published in the Journal of Neuroscience on Tuesday.

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