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Thursday, January 29, 2015

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Inbox – The App That Will Organize Your Cluttered Gmail

Inbox – The App That Will Organize Your Cluttered Gmail By – Oct 26, 2014 1 0 SHARE

Gmail was first introduced in 2004. After ten years of service, Google thinks it is time to change and modify things up.

The company strongly believes in Gmail and the application will continue to serve users, but Google now has another asset in the mobile friendly world. On Wednesday, the company has unveiled Inbox, which is a new email service, designed to organize the clutter and spam in our current Gmail.

How It All Started?

The idea for Inbox started two years ago, when engineers and designers from Google were assigned to come up with a solution for the overuse of email. Simply put, there is too much mail and our Gmail performs too many tasks. For many people, email has become a daily chore that does more harm than good in our lives. For example, Gmail is a task manager, to do list, calendar, and so many other things for some people. It is useful, but annoying and completely spammed. That is why the team behind Gmail decided it is time to rethink email.

– What if we cleared our minds, started from scratch, and built something new? This way, we can help people get back to what mattered most to them and that is one simple and useful email service. We had to do the work for them – explains Alex Gawley, product director at Gmail.

Everyone Can Download, but Not All Can Use It

At the moment, Inbox is an invite only application. While everyone can download the application, you need an invite in order to use it. For starters, Inbox is available for the iOS, Android and desktop users. While you wait for an invite from someone, you can learn what Inbox does for you.

The Special Features

The main idea of Inbox is to reduce the clutter in our emails. With too many chores, email has become a distraction for some people and keeps us away from the things we really need to do. This is where Inbox helps. Here are some of the features of the new application.

– Bundles – this feature groups similar emails. For example, all your bank statements are grouped together. This way, you can view and review them quickly anytime you want. And Inbox does this automatically.

– Highlights – a special feature that makes sure that you see important information. There is no need to leave your inbox; you’ll get real time updates for some important information.

– Reminders, Assists and Snooze – these three features are to help you manage to do list, show information you need in order to finish the job and of course, snooze reminders and be reminded about them later on.

How Does Inbox Reorganize Gmail?

We mentioned the features, but what do they actually do? Well, with inbox, you trust Google and the company’s algorithms to do all the work for you. You trust that Google shows you what you want and what you need. Instead of being welcomed when signing into your email with tons of emails, they are now organized in bundles. Inbox lets you decide what to handle, when to handle and what to delay. In a way, all these features are good. But everyone will need some time to adjust to the new settings.

How Can You Get Inbox

Getting Inbox is not mandatory. The new application is actually a combination of Gmail and Google Now. Google believes the new app, which is more mobile friendly, will serve users for the next 10 years. You can still use Gmail and users actually sign up to Inbox with their Gmail account. In order to get it, you must get an invite from your friends. The company has rolled the first invites. If you want an invite, you can always send email to or wait for some friend to invite you.


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