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Version 6 Features

The version 6 of Instagram comes with additional tools for making a truly awesome photo editor, rather than merely a casual tool for embellishing photographs.

With this new version installed on your iPhone, you can make adjustments to the contrast and brightness as usual. Apart from these basic features, you can also create shadows or highlights and sharpen photos, adjust color temperature or saturation and so on. The new version of Instagram is surely not the perfect solution for a serious photographer, but it offers high-class software for photo editing. In addition to offering such excellent tools for photo editing, Instagram has the added attraction of offering social networking features as well, which adds immensely to the experience. You can edit pictures and then share them through your iPhone with friends and contacts.

Adjusting Images

The new features offered in this version fit in very well in the previous Instagram interface. Taking a photo is simple using the large camera button found at the center in the bottom. You can then make use of the Lux lighting feature for improving the picture. The tool helps in picking a setting automatically, so that you don’t have to make all the adjustments by yourself. The slider control zips over to create the perfect setting. After doing this, you can also slide the control according to your taste. The brightness is adjusted with a combination of contrast with color saturation and offers a new, rather than a traditional adjustment for brightness. In earlier versions, the feature was not of much use for brightening dark photographs, but now this is no longer a problem.

Power Tools

You can view the power tools by tapping the wrench icon, from where you can access the tools for adjusting images, such as making changes to the brightness and contrast as well as color, temperature, highlighting, saturation and creating shadows or sharpening images. The slider in each of these tools offers a choice ranging from -100 to 100, so that you can see the effect that you have used. Earlier, the tilt shift feature and the leveling feature were found in the main screen for editing, but now these have been incorporated in the wrench tools. This makes it easy for those who do not want to use such a level of adjustment and need not even view these tools.

Adjusting Filters

There are the basic 19 filters, such as Hefe and Sutro, which continue to remain in the new version. The new version also allows users to adjust the strength of the filters, which is an immense improvement from the previous versions, which did not allow filter adjustment. The adjustments can be made very easily merely by a tap on the filter feature again and then controlling the slider by moving it from side to side. In the beginning, the slider will be seen at the extreme right at 100. By sliding it left, the photographs will appear closer to the unfiltered picture or the original. When you tap on the icon a second time, you will also be able to access the frame of the filter. This offers increased capabilities and features for filtering. The best part of this change is that the main interface is now less cluttered, even though it was already quite sparse to begin with.

The filters offered are the usual B&W, retro styles, cross processing and so on. No filter seems to be a very popular option as well.

Bottom Line

Instagram’s new version 6 comes with additional tools for brightness, color saturation and so on, but still remains very easy to use, making it a truly amazing social phenomenon.

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