Instagram Mobile Updates: Now Explore Even More People

Instagram Mobile Updates: Now Explore Even More People

There are just so many photography applications that a smartphone user can be choose from today, so many of them that they’re all starting to feel the same. But among the competition, Instagram managed to claim the spotlight and continue to dominate the mobile market.

For the Record, Instagram to date has more than 40 million users across the globe, and that number still continues to bubble as the number of iPhone and Android users increase. Yes, it cannot be denied that there are a lot more photo apps that exists in iTunes or in Google Play that can probably do better, but how come Instagram has now become more highly favored by iPhone and Android users alike over other ‘point and shoot’ apps?

Well, we will explore even more people, have much more fun and do it all easier, with the improved features and updates below;

Photo Effects as easy as 1-2-3

One of Instagram’s primary feature is to add effects to a picture or photo. It’s highly popular for making photos look vintage or old school. Its wide array of filters can showcase a picture differently, but nonetheless the end product still clings to giving it an antiquated feel.

Probably one of the many reasons why Instagram prevailed in the photo app competition is its vintage feel end-product. People today are already overexposed to modern looking photography, making it a common sight to see (in other words a bore). With instagram’s effort to turn things around and inject a classical feel into every user’s photo, it stood out and was highly appreciated by its users. Instagram’s popularity made old school looking photos become a thing of today.

Sharing And Discovering With Greater Ease

Facebook is the biggest social media domain there is in our time today. Mark Zuckerberg continuously develops it to make connectivity and social interaction fairly easy, and one of those innovations that it managed to bring to the table for everyone is its integration with Instagram. Apparently, Facebook bought instagram, making it a facebook powered application. Basically, this made picture sharing/uploading in facebook a lot easier for Instagram users.

instagram explore people 225x400 Instagram Mobile Updates: Now Explore Even More People

Aside from Facebook, Instagram now has better integration with twitter and foursquare (for Android). This would tell us that the range of its sharing capability can be stretched far a wide, most especially for users who are into twitter and foursquare, which also allow the users to explore more people.

Hashtag System Improved

Just like in twitter, hashtag discoveries are now more conspicuous. By using a hashtag, Instagram can easily sort pictures depending on how they are hashtagged. People whose interest is in line with the hashtag of a photo could easily find it in the vast domains of Instagram. If it gets noticed and is probably interesting enough, it can get a like or better yet follow the user who posted it.

Hashtags paired with a remarkable photo will surely attract more likes and followers, making it easier for a user to expand his market and establish his brand. In simpler occasions, it’s much easier to find people and be found by people. It’s a widened range of discovery.

We now live in a world where social media is a way of life, rather than a mere tool for communication and connectivity. Over the years, social media evolved from a simple text and post website to a point, shoot and share app, one of which is what we all know as “Instagram”. Overall, this application stood out not mainly because of its filters, but rather its high affinity to social media, making its users feel connected to their social circle with every pictures that their mobile camera takes.

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