Instagram PC – When Will Instagram Release the Full-Featured Version for Desktop Users?

Instagram is one of the most popular photo-and-video-sharing social networking sites today.

From its birth just three years ago, the number of monthly active Instagram users has swelled to more than 150 million as of September 2013 and a 23% for the same year. May be, Instagram should send a thank you message tall the pretty and handsome youngsters today who have popularized and made viral the selfie trend, thus lifting Instagram to great heights. Everybody nowadays knows Instagram. People use it to post pictures all the time. And now more than ever, its popularity continues to grow.

The world of social networking sites, however, is like Hollywood. One day you’re the It Girl, but the next day nobody might even remember your name. Myspace and Multiply, among other long-abandoned websites, could attest to this. Facebook, a longstanding veteran and definitely one of the most popular in the social networking world today, acquired Instagram back in April 2012. The question remains, however: Does Instagram have what it takes to last long in this very competitive business industry?

It definitely looks promising, but Instagram could definitely add more to its lifespan if it expanded more with its features and solved some of its simplest issues.

A Direct Full-Featured Instagram Download on PC

While Instagram may be viewable on the web, the things you could do with it are very limited. Its ultimate purpose – uploading pictures and adding filters to them – is not even supported. It is a bummer, especially for users who wish to share their high-quality pictures taken from gadgets aside from their smartphones, such as professional cameras. Many developers, therefore, have provided ways to download Instagram on PC so that people could use it exactly the same way they could on a smartphone. However, glitches are prone to happen and these third party clients can bring harm. If only Instagram released an official direct-download full-featured version of their app for desktop users, then photo-sharing can be less troubling and more creative.

Punctuation Marks, Please

This is really a minor issue, but it’s even more surprising that Instagram hasn’t ever bothered fixing it yet. Many smartphone users experience trouble typing in different punctuation marks in their Instagram app, and errors in display are also pretty conspicuous. The same thing can be said for Instagram on PC web browsers, where underscores turn into spaces and other symbols appear as squares. Another small but frustrating issue is not being able to see the full list of users who ‘heart’ your picture on the web.


If Facebook has its ‘Share’ button and Twitter its ‘Retweet’ feature, it would be equally fun to ‘Regram’ photos from another friend’s Instagram account. Currently ‘regramming’ is possible, but only by downloading other third party apps that will do the trick for you. It would be nice if Instagram introduced the regramming feature built into its apps, so that sharing photos of yourself tagged in others’ collections can be done in a single tap. With due credit given, of course.

Think Outside the Box

Having to stick to a standard square size for every picture you want to post can be very tiring. While Instagram lets you take pictures automatically with a square frame, what do you do with photos that you took in landscape or portrait? Cropping them could make your photos turn ugly. Combining multiple photos into frames to turn them into one square picture (as what many apps can readily do for you) can also take away individual charm.

Instagram may be a fun and interactive app, but its limitations may eventually push users into going for better photo-sharing websites that don’t hinder their creative spirit.

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