Instagram PC – Why Should You Stop Searching for the PC Version?

If you have more selfies that you want to share with everyone on Instagram then the problem is that these photos are saved on your computer so you keep on searching for different ways to make Instagram PC works.

We’re sure that with your perseverance, there are ways you’ve stumbled upon that can make you use Instagram PC. As much as we’d like to applaud you for your persistence, there are a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t have picked up your computer in the first place to search.

It’s Not Safe to Download Instagram PC

There’s no official way to use Instagram on your computer. You can use their official website but you can’t upload your photos from there. You can only view your feed and other people’s profile. Other than that is impossible. To run Instagram PC, you will need third-party software. Most often than not, they are not safe to download, more so install in your computer. You will run the risk of having malicious attacks and viruses on your devices if you choose to ignore this warning.

It’s Not Guaranteed to Work

Even if you’ve managed to find something that MIGHT actually work, there’s no guarantee that it’s the real thing. Even if they contain no virus or threats, the program may be empty. You’ll end up wasting your time and effort in searching for a way to download Instagram PC only to find out that it’s not what you’ve wanted in the first place.

Selfies Only Work with a Smartphone or Tablet

We totally make this one up but it couldn’t be truer. Selfies don’t really need to be your most glamorous photos and they don’t have to be taken using the best camera that you own. The best bit of using your smartphone or tablet for a selfie shot is that you can upload it straight to your Instagram account, and you can retake and retake all you want until you’re satisfied with your self-portrait.

Third-party Apps

You can download other photo apps on your devices to make your photos more creative or beautiful. These apps cannot be downloaded on your computer so it would be impossible to edit your photos and upload them on Instagram. On your smartphone or tablet, you can edit or add filter to your photos using the best photo apps in the store. There are a lot of apps available today and the best part is most of them are free to download.

How to Upload Photos from Your Computer

You can simply email the photos on your computer to yourself, and using your smartphone or tablet, you can open your email and save the photos on your device’s camera roll. It may seem extra work, but it’s better than searching high and low for ways on how to run Instagram PC. You can also just master your camera skills by practicing to take beautiful photos using your device’s built-in camera so you won’t have to use a professional camera to take creative shots.

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