Instagram – Tips and Tricks to Get Several Followers

One of the best and most popular social networking applications in recent years, Instagram, has more than 300 million registered members.

This is no mean feat for the application, considering the fact that it is mainly a photo and video sharing application. This application may not enjoy the fame and popularity of the likes of Facebook and Twitter, but given its much lesser lifespan, it has achieved much more than many of its contemporaries.

The application also has members from different celebrity communities, including actors, sports personalities, singers and several others. Now, these celebrities have a large fan base and hence, are sure to have plenty of followers for their accounts. But, other users of the application may not be as fortunate!

So, the important question is how does one increase the number of followers? Well, there are several ways of generating followers. Some basic ways have been discussed here.

Tips and Tricks

  • Following others: Most people follow celebrities, but the fact is that this will not make the same celebrity a follower of the user. Hence, users must also follow others (non-celebrities) on Instagram. The chances of them transforming into followers is much greater than that of celebrities.
  • Posting interesting and beautiful pictures: Most users of the application simply post every picture they come across. Moreover, many users are so obsessed with themselves that they simply cannot post anything else apart from their own pictures or selfies. However, posting interesting pictures and videos, pictures that might have a story to tell, is likely to pick the interest of other users, and might just tempt them to follow the posts more often.
  • Picking a theme and sticking to it: Rather than posting random pictures on the Instagram profile, users should select an interesting theme and post pictures and video that relate to that theme. This will attract other users who share similar interests.
  • Timely posting: Most users post a few pictures, and then disappear from the scene for a couple of days. Instead of doing this, users should post pictures on a regular basis, and ensure that they are done at regular intervals. This not only helps to generate more followers, but also helps to retain them.
  • Avoid photo clogging: There are many users on Instagram, who post several photos at the same time in order to show their followers what they were up to recently. However, more than knowing what they were up to, followers are interested in viewing meaningful and attractive pictures. Hence, it is important for users to ensure that they post only one or two pictures at a time with an intriguing caption. This is sure to attract the interest of other users, and transform them into followers.
  • Interaction with others: Users must also ensure interacting with their friends, acquaintances and other users on a regular basis. This will help the acquaintances to remember the user when they see a post, and tempt them to follow the user.

Following these steps does not guarantee followers, but definitely enhances the chances of generating followers. So good luck and get going!

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