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Sunday, February 8, 2015

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Internet Explorer vs UC Browser – Best Windows Phone Browser Download

Internet Explorer vs UC Browser – Best Windows Phone Browser Download By – Nov 6, 2014 35 0 SHARE

If Nokia devices would run Google’s Android operating system more often or another OS for that matter, the potential candidates for best browser would probably be others, but given the fact that almost any Nokia handset you will come across runs Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system, the browser options really cuts down o just two: UC Browser and Internet Explorer. While Internet Explorer is the native browser for the Windows platform, it has some competition from UC Browser, which has recorded pretty large download numbers on the app store. Let’s see which of them is better for your Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 smartphone, and why.


With Internet Explorer, you get a blank page when you open up the app, as well as reloading for you the last web address you’ve accessed. The browser lacks some mobility like options regarding bookmarks and the lack of a speed dial.

The UC Browser opens up to a specific web page that it considers the home page, and also puts a lot of features at the user’s disposal.  With UC Browser, you can easily access all your important categories such as your most visited web sites or the trash with just a swipe.

User Interface

Internet Explorer comes with decent tabs management, and at first sight, a pretty simple and easy interface. However, upon further investigation you will find that it tends to crash a lot, and it can’t really handle its flash. Simple tasks like changing the default web search engine from Bing can prove to be a challenge for IE,  but it compensates a little through features like being able to pick up what you started on another Windows device.

UC Browser comes with a sleek navigation that does however have its not so bright moments while loading web pages that are rich in graphical content. The web address is easy to reach and you won’t find any clutter with this browser.

Internet Explorer’s current version is great for monitoring your data usage, and browsing the web is a fast experience. However, navigating through the browser itself is something else, as it can become sluggish.  The current IE version is good enough to support some of the more recent things, but the bottom line is that IE is still trailing behind the well known competitors.

UC Browser really steps up in this category, as it leaves IE behind in terms of speed when it comes to loading web pages. UC Browser also puts an array of features at the user’s disposal that makes the IE look less than good. Tab management is also good, as you can bookmark multiple tabs at once.


Internet Explorer comes with some good features and high performance rates, but in the end it just falls behind, as UC Browser features better tab management and a lot more features. Internet Explorer has a lot of potential, but falls hard due to its still unresolved problems like crashes and such from the most random reasons.


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