IOS 7 vs IOS 8.1: What You Should Know Before Upgrading

It’s only been a few days after the IOS 8.1 version debut, and the reviews are already coming in. There seem to be mixed reactions to the new Apple software update, which is acclaimed to have fixed all the bug issues previously experienced with IOS 8, and also thrown in cool tweaks to put a smile on the face of Apple lovers.

The Good

As usual, Apple never fails to offer something new out of the goodie bag. The latest IOS 8.1 features are set to revolutionize how connectivity, media interaction and bills are paid by the everyday iPhone or Mac user. First on the least of tweaks is the return of camera roll. The previous ‘Recently Added’ feature apparently caused more sulks than smiles among Apple fans. Additionally, the Photo library will be set to sync with iCloud; this should make it easy for iPhone users to save and sync images on the cloud and access them on a Mac or iPad anytime.

A new connectivity feature is the instant hotspot tweak. After switching from IOS 7 to 8.1, your iPhone should become an instant hotspot for your Mac or iPad. When all Apple devices are not in Wifi range, the iPhone immediately switches to a reliable hotspot that should be easily detected on the iPad or Mac WiFi settings. With the new iMessage features, it will become possible to send MMS or SMS texts to Mac or iPad; at least save on those complex cloud backups or cumbersome syncs with iTunes.

Perhaps the biggest thrill IOS 8.1 is coming with is the Apple Pay support feature. This feature uses Near Field Communication protocols to complete financial attractions. In simple terms, you can now shop at a store or eat in a restaurant and your iPhone becomes your wallet. With Passbook and Touch ID Fingerprint features still available, payments are supposed to become easy; at least that’s what Apple is telling us.

On bug issues, the Bluetooth connectivity problems have been resolved including annoying bugs that made life hard using messaging, the search bar, screen rotation and so on.

So, the major changes seen can be summarized as;

  • Apple Pay
  • New Cloud Photo Sync and Store
  • Continuity features in MMS, SMS and Instant Hotspot
  • Return of the good old Camera Roll

The Bad

Even with IOS 8.1 promising to turn your regular Apple device into an instant hotspot or personal wallet, skepticism still lives on. There have been new bug alerts among non-pleased IOS users. For some, iMessage no longer works after updating while others complain of abnormal rebooting of IOS 8.1.

As if expected, the new Apple Pay and Instant hotspot features have issues as well; WiFi speeds seem to have slowed down and Apple Pay sometimes declines completing transactions (how embarrassing that would be when on a date!).

Other angry IOS 8.1 victims complain about Bluetooth issues (even after the alleged bug fix) while some have lost their data during the upgrade.

The verdict, if you are still on IOS 7, and don’t experience any problems, not conforming to new trends will actually save your the pains and complains. As it is, IOS 8.1 is still at its trial phase and the guys at Apple still have a lot of homework to do. At least before we call this new software stable.

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