iOS 8 – Some Of The Best Features It Has To Offer

Admittedly, the numerous and highly useful capabilities and features that the recently released Apple iOS 8 brings to the iPad, iPod touch and iPhone are proving to be quite popular with many mainstream users.

Once you use the iOS 8, you get the feeling that this is meant to lay to rest the myth previously bandied around about the numerous things Android was capable of doing which iOS was unable to do then. Apart from opening its mobile development platform to third party developers quite significantly, Apple has significantly improved the overall functionality of its mobile platform by improving on already existing features and also introducing some new ones.

Here are some of the best iOS 8:

  • Stronger Security,
  • Productivity Features,
  • Data and Device Management Tools

Stronger Security

Firstly, Apple has assured the general public that in iOS 8, personal data such as messages(Attachments included), call history, Email, iTunes content , contacts, Photos , reminders and notes are placed under the protection of a user’s passcode, with this added security, both Apple and the Feds cannot access the user data. Apple states that it is technically not feasible for them to extract data from iOS 8 for whatever purpose. Secondly, when you access public Wifi, your MAC addresses are automatically randomized so as to prevent any chance of being tracked in such an open and insecure network. Lastly, Apple has modified the core operating system to make it more compatible with third party apps; it has achieved this without compromising iOS security and only used app extensions to manage this feat.

Productivity Features

One of the main productivity features with iOS 8 is the newly introduced interactive notifications. It is now possible to respond to text messages, email, reminders, and calendar invitations within apps such as Facebook using the notification banners that pop up at the top of your screen. It makes it possible for users to respond to the above mentioned without leaving the app you are using at that point in time. Email messages have also been made windows, this means that you don’t have to close one email before you open another one; all you do is to swipe downwards so as to minimize the mail and open others. It is also possible to look at them in carousel form and pick the ones you are keen on working on at that point in time.

Data and Device Management Tools

This is another area which has seen great improvements in the iOS 8 platform. The popular spotlight has been made smarter, even though you still access it by dragging the top of the screen downwards; it can now also search for data from Wikipedia, show you what is trending online in real time, show you the nearby restaurants and still look for items on your own device. It is also possible to record voice messages and send the audio snippets through text messages.

By introducing a camera timer, Apple has made it easier for people to manage their photo taking sessions easily, it is now much easier to take selfies, there is a 3 or 10 seconds timer on the camera app which allows users to get the photo shot they want. It is also possible to prop the device before you set the timer, so you don’t really have to hold the phone as you take pictures.

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