iPad Air 2 Review – Design, Display and Specs Review

Apple released the iPad Air 2, which should be a spectacular new product on the market, especially if we take into consideration the sheer amount of quality and innovation that was put in its predecessor, the iPad Air.


The iPad Air 2 managed to get rid of an entire 1.4 mm, and it is much slimmer than the last year’s model was. Apple also managed to drop the weight and all of this made additional changes necessary. Remarkable use of available space in this device makes the design really beautiful and more than pleasant to look at. The only disadvantage that the iPad Air 2 has is the lack of the physical rotation button on the side, which was really nice on the last year’s model. It is a device that really feels great when you are holding it and the lesser weight, as well as its slimness, makes you able to hold it for long periods of time. There are a few available versions that you can pick up when it comes to color of the device and all of them look great. The gold finish may be a bit too much to handle for some users (if you are not of fan of flashy things), but there are other options which you can choose. The design is really something remarkable and this cannot be emphasized enough. It is probably the best looking tablet on the market right now.


The changes made to the display improved the image quality even more, and even though the resolution is the same as on the iPad Air (2048×1536, which translates into 264 ppi), it is much easier to look at, thanks to the new antireflective layer that does a really good job at preventing glare. However, it needs to be noted that it does not provide the experience that the matte screens do, so do not expect wonders. If you want to take your device outside and use it under direct sunlight, you will notice issues at times and you might have to adjust the viewing angle in order to get the most out of the screen. It is not perfect, but you should have no major issues in doing so.


The iPad Air 2 features the A8X processor, which is a stronger version of the chip that the iPhone uses. Graphics are also improved over the last year’s model and Apple has stated that the iPad Air 2 offers an unparalleled performance when it comes to advanced visuals. It handles even the most demanding of apps, as if they were not demanding at all and you will experience no issues whatsoever while using the iPad Air 2.

Final Thoughts

This is one of the best (probably the very best) tablet on the market right now. Everything on this device is impressive, to say the least and if you are a user that demands a high quality device that will create absolutely no annoyances while using it, then you should pick the Apple iPad Air 2 straight away.

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