iPad Air 2 – Suitable For Business Purposes

Apple products are known for their impeccable design and excellent built quality. The iPad Air 2 however comes with nothing new on the outside. It is more of a statement of consolidation which reinforces Apple’s position as the king of tablets.

There are a few changes that makes this new iteration significantly superior over the previous generation but is it suitable for business usage?

What All Businesses Want…

When it comes to corporate environments and small businesses security is the first item of the agenda and the iPad Air 2 adopted a leading position. The tablet comes with a fingerprint reader which expands its usage to work environments in which data security is mandatory. Knowing that the device can be used only by its rightful owner recommends the iPad Air 2 for business usage more so than any other tablet.

If fingerprint authentication is not enough Apple decided to throw in another means of protection by implementing a built-in encryption solution. Basically nobody can use an iPad Air 2 if their fingerprint is not mapped even if they break it down to pieces and attempt to read its memory modules. Additional apps can be installed on the tablet to restrict various security settings. It is even possible to manage the tablet remotely. Administrators can install apps and prevent the users from changing any settings or installing apps on their own.

Portability At A Whole New Level

The Air series of products are known to be light, have a long lasting battery and pack decent hardware. No compromises have been made with the iPad Air 2 as it is light, powerful and comes with a decent battery. It is suitable for travel especially when we are talking about sales people or employees that need to be mobile.

Beneath the shiny shell the tablet comes with a brand new A8X processor which is even faster the one used in the iPhone 6. It has 2GB of RAM and comes with up to 128GB of storage.

What About Productivity?

The iPad Air 2 runs iOS 8 which comes with important new features but it is the app store which turns the tablet into a genuine productivity tool. There are loads of apps that can fully replace all the Microsoft Office tools. We also have the benefit of working browser based solutions such as Google Docs.

The Verdict

The new iPad is more than just a device for emails and playing games. Apple took everything to a whole new level to make it a business ready product. With extra security features, encryption and remote administration the iPad can turn into a genuine business tool and travel companion. However some apps are needed to get the most out of it.

There are plenty of business oriented apps that can be adapted to various business needs. It can raise the costs of having iPads distributed to a company’s employees but the benefits cannot be disputed.

We are talking about unmatched mobility and state of the art security. In the current corporate environment these features matter the most and the new iPad Air 2 does not disappoint.

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