iPad Air 2 vs. iPad Mini 3 Comparison – Which One is Your Personal Preference?

Last week we saw the launch of two new devices from Apple, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3.

Both devices are great, to say the least and they both have some neat features included. It might be tough to choose which of the devices to buy as they are both superior in their own ways.


Design wise, the iPad Air 2 kept a lot of the things from the last year’s model. The disadvantage in this year’s model is the lack of the physical rotation/mute button on the side, while the addition of the Touch ID sensor is something great and it is probably one of the most welcome additions on both the devices. iPad Air 2 is lighter and thinner than the last year’s model, making it easier to use. When it comes to the iPad mini 3, it did not get many upgrades. Most of the specs stayed the same, but a nice addition to the device is the Touch ID sensor. It can feel a bit too robust at times, but nevertheless, it is a great looking device, especially if you are buying a tablet for the first time. If you are looking for a device that can easily be carried around, then go with the iPad mini 3. Even though iPad Air 2 is really thin and light in terms of weight, it is a much larger device than the iPad mini 3, making it a bit less portable.

Performance Comparison

If you are looking for the performance that is unparalleled in the market, then the clear winner is the iPad Air 2. If you do not intend to use all the features, it makes no sense to go with just the superior performance and end up spending more dollars on it. It therefore comes down to what you want to do with your device. If you are a person that wants to watch a lot of videos, browse through the Internet, and play an occasional game or two, then you should go with the iPad mini 3, as it is a device that was created for exactly that. If you need a device that will never fail you, a device that will handle even the most demanding apps (especially if the apps are work related) then you should go with the pricier, iPad Air 2.


Price is a really important factor, especially when it comes to devices that you will use for quite some time to come. The iPad Air 2 is about $100 more expensive than the iPad mini 3 and while it may not seem like a great difference in price, it is quite a bit, especially if you are a first time buyer and you do not know what exactly you want out of your device. The iPad Air 2 costs $499 while the iPad mini 3 can be picked up for $399 (both devices are the 16 GB versions, while the versions with more storage are naturally more expensive).

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