iPad Mini 2 vs iPad Air – Price and Specs Comparison

Apple devices fans looking to buy a tablet are often confused between two devices – the full-size iPad Air and the iPad Mini 2 also known as iPad Mini with Retina display.

To make things simple, let us compare both tablets and see what differences they have besides screen size.

Display Size and Dimensions

Display is the most important element of a tablet and the size of the display gives you a rough idea about the external dimensions of the device. With 9.7 inch display, the iPad Air is bound to have larger dimensions. iPad Air measures 9.4 inches (Height) by 6.6 inches (Width). Its thickness is around 0.29 inches while it weighs around 469 grams. iPad Mini 2 features a 7.9 inch display and it measures 7.87 inches (Height) by 5.3 inches (Width). The thickness of the device is same as iPad Air that is 0.29 inches. iPad Mini 2 weighs around 331 grams. If you look at the dimensions and weight of both devices, it can be said iPad Mini 2 is the right device for the person who is more mobile while iPad Air is right device for person who usually works behind a desk or has the liberty to sit down, relax and use his/her iPad.

Retina Display

Both devices have Retina display and the technology working behind the screen is also same. The only difference is the resolution of the screen and pixel density. iPad Air screen has a resolution of 2048-by-1536 pixels that translates into 264 pixels-per-inch. iPad Mini 2 screen has the same resolution but has a higher pixel density equivalent to 326 pixels-per-inch. Both device screens have a coating having less affinity to oils which means display remains clean as it does not retain fingerprints when you accidentally touch the screen. If you compare displays of both tablets, there is no considerable difference that makes any device superior than the other.


Both tablets have two cameras, a 5MP rear camera and 2MP front camera. The resolution of rear camera is 2592-by-1944 pixels and it has several photography friendly features such as geo tagging, face detection and auto focus. Some of the noteworthy features in primary camera are backside illumination, f/2.4 aperture, five-element lens, and hybrid infra-red filter. These noteworthy features are not found in other tablets in the market. Backside illumination, f/2.4 lens aperture and hybrid infra-red filter works to increase the amount of light that reaches the sensors leading to capturing of better images even in low light conditions. These features are part of both iPad’s – iPad Air and iPad Mini 2.

Under the Hood

Both tablets have the same CPU and GPU combination. iPad Air and Mini 2 are equipped with A7 CPU which is based on 64-bit architecture and M7 motion processor. The presence of dedicated GPU helps both iPads to handle multi-tasking efficiently. Both iPad’s have 1GB DDR3 RAM. You have different options in terms of internal storage space for both iPad’s such as 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB.


The price of iPad Air Wi-Fi only model starts from $499 while the price of Wi-Fi + Cellular model starts from $629. The price of iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi only model starts from $399 while the price of Wi-Fi + Cellular model starts from $529.

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