iPad Mini 3 vs. iPad Air 2 – Which is a Better iPad?

A Touch Sensor

Apple has brought outits latest flagship tab, the iPad Air with a 9.7 inches screen and equipped with A8X processor. The iPad Air 2 is the slimmest among all the iPads. On the other hand, the iPad Mini 3 comes with a smaller screen of 7.9 inches. It is different from the previous version the Mini 2, as it comes with a TouchID sensor. This feature is also a new one seen in the iPad Air 2.

Price Comparison

The prices for the previous models have come down, whereas Apple has continued to maintain the price of last year’s model in case of the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3. The Mini 3 is naturally less expensive when compared to the Air 2. Both the devices come with options for additional storage of 64GB and 128 GB in both the cellular and the Wi Fi models. At all levels, the Mini 3 is naturally the cheaper option, but it may not offer the best value for money when compared to the more expensive iPad Air 2.

Comparing Hardware Specs

The iPad Air 2 is the more expensive device of the two but it also offers good value for money. This is because it is equipped with the A8X processor, which is very quick. The iPad Mini 3, on the other hand, is equipped with the A7 CPU, which does not offer as good a performance. However, if you are not in need of such a performance, you can opt for the Mini 3. However, you can even opt for the Mini 2, as it comes with a similar processor and is much cheaper.

Screen and Display

The iPad Air 2 has a bigger screen. However, the resolution of both the screens is the same. It is also the same as their predecessors and is 2048 x 1536 MP. The screens of both the devices are very good and the iPad Air 2 also boasts of a laminated display. This makes the device sturdier when compared to the previous iPad Air. The image quality is also slightly improved, as it comes with a coating of anti-glare and reduces reflections to a certain extent.

Faster Performance

The iPad Air 2 also offers a very fast performance, with fast file transfer as it comes with an 802.11ac, Wi Fi. On the other hand, the iPad Mini 3 comes with an 802.11n, which is a dual band similar to the previous model and also similar to the previous iPad Air.

Assisting Health Apps

The iPad Air 2 comes with an added feature of a barometer that detects air pressure changes. This feature is not meant for warning about the weather but rather to enable compatible applications to detect the altitude and count the number of steps of flights that the user has climbed when having the iPad Air 2 on his person. The new Health Application that is seen in iPhones running on iOS 8, however, is not present in the iPad Air 2.

Comparing Cameras

The camera of the iPad Air 2 has also received an update. The rear camera has been upgraded from 5 MP to 8 MP. This brings about a slight difference in the quality of photos. It also comes with an image signal-processing feature, whereby users can take video slow motions and burst mode photographs. These features were not present in the previous Air model and were found only in the iPhones 5s, 6 and in 6 Plus.

As for the camera on the iPad Mini 3, it has a 5 MP resolution and consists of features, such as panorama and time lapse. It also comes with the regular video mode and the photo mode. Both the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3 come with an HD camera for Facetime having a sensor of 1.2 MP.

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