iPhone 5 – Tips and Tricks You May Not Know

There are brilliant features that iPhone 5 comes with, all aimed at offering the very best to you. There are tricks that come along with it that you may have not realized yet but you should know that they exist.

All these tips are meant to make your tasks with your iPhone easier and quicker. You just wish you knew these tricks a long time ago but all is described here for you.

Photography tips:

Did you know that you can take a photo using the volume buttons? This is real. This is a good option for those who find it hard to take a photo by touching the capture button on the screen. It is also suited for people who are interested in taking photos at their work place when wearing gloves. Just press the up or down volume button after focusing and your photo is taken.

You can take multiple photos by pressing and holding the capture button. This is very use especially for moving objects which allows the user to take multiple photos. Afterwards, one selects the best photo based on clarity of the photos.

Working with Text using iPhone 5 and Emails:

It is possible to include times tamps on your text messages. It is funny when you drag the text bubble towards the left just to see a timestamp revealed on every message. This indicates the amount of time you spent texting.

When you are texting and you need to start a new sentence, double-tap the space bar. This will automatically add a terminating period and a space for you.

It is possible to add web suffixes with a single tap. When typing a web address, locate “.” at the bottom side of the pad and this will display a list of web suffixes from which you can select from.

Shake it to undo what you have just typed.

Swipe Gesture:

Reading documents is just full of fun. You do not have to touch the screen to move the page up or down. Just move the face to go to the next slide or the previous one.

You can also use your hand to swipe over the screen to move the pages of the documents that you are reading. This swiping technique is also applicable when viewing photos.

Using Siri:

This is like having a conversation with your phone. Whenever Siri mispronounces something you can correct it by telling her, ‘That is not how to pronounce the particular word’. Alternatives will then be given for that word which was mispronounced.

You can even tell Siri to read you emails aloud for you. You can go further and instruct the particular emails to read while avoiding others.

Tips when playing Music:

Use the timer to stop the music you are playing after sometime. This is a good trick for those who are victims of falling asleep leaving the music playing the whole night.

Maps and calendars:

The iPhone 5 is able to detect the exact location you are standing currently. It will give you all the possible routes leading to your current location. It will even tell you the plane which is flying overhead.

Put your phone in a landscape position and you will get a detailed look of the calendar using the available calendar app.

So next time you’re using your device, try out these new features you may not have known existed.

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