iPhone 5C vs. Nexus 5 – Can Google Beat the Latest Apple in Hardware Specifications?

Apple has been in competition with a number of smartphone manufacturers and LG is also one of them.

Maintaining its supremacy in the smartphone arena can be a tough ask for any company, especially with a number of updated and upgraded handsets being released in the market. Both the Apple iPhone 5C and the Nexus 5 stack up against each other in the following comparison review, in order to determine a better handset suiting your requirements.

The following comparison review is based on the hardware specifications of both the handsets.

Hardware Comparison


The primary difference between both the handsets when compared head-to-head is in terms of size. The Nexus 5 is unsurprisingly bigger than the iPhone handset. This has been a regular feature with the Android based handsets as compared to the iPhone smartphones.


Both the handsets are remarkably light in terms of weight. However, the Nexus handset is 16% heavier than the iPhone 5C smartphone. The iPhone 5C comes in a compact size, in comparison to the larger Nexus 5 smartphone. When comparing the handsets in real time handling, the iPhone 5C and the Nexus 5 are both lightweight smartphones, suiting your requirements of owning a light but high-powered device.


With respect to the processor, it is a battle between the iOS and Android operating systems. The iPhone 5C incorporates an Apple A6 chip, as compared to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chip inside the Nexus 5 handset. The comparison between the iOS and Android can be very difficult at times. However, when handling both the handsets in real time performance, the iPhone 5C and the Nexus 5 offer similar performance levels.


When it comes to battery specifications, the iPhone 5C provides us with superior battery life as compared to the battery life of the Nexus 5 handset. The iPhone 5C lasts longer in terms of battery life, when streaming Netflix, in comparison to the Nexus 5 smartphone.


Apple handsets are renowned for their design features. However, the Nexus 5 encompasses a matte finish on a plastic chassis. The handset may lack in terms of design, but the sloped edges on the back add to the beauty and simplicity of the smartphone. The display does not comprise of a physical home button. However, the protruding camera lens at the rear of the Nexus 5 handset is a remarkable feature of the handset. The exceptional disk around the lens of the Nexus 5 camera, adds elegance to the handset.


Both the handsets encompass different OSs, features and have a price difference between them. However, you can choose the one between the two handsets based on your requirements and pocket. Both the iPhone 5C and the Nexus 5 are smartphones worth every dime spent.


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