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Saturday, April 4, 2015

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iPhone 5C vs. Nexus 5 – Can Google Overcome Apple in Hardware…

iPhone 5C vs. Nexus 5 – Can Google Overcome Apple in Hardware Spec Sheet? By – Dec 19, 2014 5 0 SHARE

Apple has earned great rivalry in the smartphone arena. Apart from its archrival Samsung, other companies are desperate to compete with the iPhone series handsets.

The number two smartphone manufacturer from South Korea, LG has been producing a range of smartphones in competition to the Apple iPhone series of handsets.

However, maintaining supremacy in the smartphone arena can be difficult for any smartphone manufacturer, even for the big guns such as Apple. In fact, to maintain supremacy, Apple has to upgrade itself continuously in terms of technology.

By stacking the iPhone 5C and the Nexus 5 handsets against each other, we aim to determine an ideal smartphone suiting your needs and budget. Let us review the two handsets for their hardware specifications.

Hardware Spec Sheet Comparison


Apple is a renowned brand, when it comes to design. In comparison, the matte classic plastic finish on the Nexus 5 offers a decent appearance. Two words describe the Nexus 5 design – simplicity personified. The projecting camera at the rear, with a disk around the lens, adds to the beauty of the smartphone.


In terms of size, both the handsets come with a major difference. The Nexus 5 is a significantly bigger as compared to the iPhone 5C smartphone. The difference in terms of size has been a seen as a regular feature when comparing Android based handsets to that of iPhone handsets.


With respect to weight, both handsets are surprisingly lightweight. Regardless, the Google Nexus 5 smartphone is approximately 16% heavy as compared to the weight of the iPhone 5C smartphone. In fact, the iPhone 5C is more compact in terms of size as compared to the bigger Nexus 5 handset. However, handling both the devices is comfortable and easy.


Comparing the two handsets for performance, the iOS and Android battle produce some interesting facts. The Apple A6 chipset equipped in the iPhone 5C handset competes with the Qualcomm based Snapdragon 800 chipset of the Nexus 5 smartphone. However, both operating systems offer comparable performance levels.


The iPhone 5C offers longer battery life as compared to the Nexus 5 smartphone. When streaming Netflix, the iPhone 5C lasts longer in terms of battery life than the Google Nexus 5 handset.

Final Thought

Both the iPhone 5C and the Nexus 5 smartphones comprise of different features, operating systems and vary in terms of pricing. Choosing a smartphone between the two handsets would entirely be your prerogative, depending on which handset suits your budget and requirements.


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