iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5C – Specifications and Pricing Compared

The iPhone 5S was the flagship model for Apple in the 2013 season and it came out to replace the iPhone 5, which had been a memorable model for Apple due to several reasons.

This was the first device from Apple to increase the screen size to 4 inches. The iPhone 5S has not made a significant change in this regard, but it is a crucial phone nonetheless. It will once again be occupying the upper strata in the Apple ecosphere, but in order to increase its market share, the company has also come out with the iPhone 5C.

Processor Difference

A major area of the two phones can be differentiated is in the processor. Apple phones have always been very efficient when it comes to using the resources and this is the case for again with the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C. However, the iPhone 5S is clearly faster than the cheaper version largely because of the dual core A7 processor. This is rated at 1.3 GHz. Even though the iPhone 5C employs a similarly rated processor, it is the A6 unit.

The differences in terms of performance are more than just limited to alphabets and numbering systems because the iPhone 5S is almost double the speed of the iPhone 5C according to the company.

Other aspects that determine performance like the RAM are similar in both models.

Presence of Color

The use of polycarbonate materials for the iPhone 5C has enabled the company to provide a range of colors for the first time. The iPhone 5S, though, retains the similar build quality due to the materials like aluminum and glass used extensively throughout the phone. Instead, aluminum is the predominant material on the backside with the glass surface limited only towards the edges.

IPhone 5C is available in a number of shades that will appeal to a lot of users.


Even though the iPhone 5C is less pricey than the iPhone 5S, it does not reduce most of the features like the AirDrop and iCloud that have become so popular within a short period of time. This is largely because the two phones run on the same operating system – iOS 7.1.

Small Differences Creep into the Camera

The cameras employed by both phones are similar at eight megapixels rating, but it is by the use of some clever features that Apple has distinguished both these devices. Being the flagship model, the iPhone 5S comes with a full range of options like the video stabilization and dual LED flash. In order to keep the cost down, the iPhone 5C sacrifices the dual LED flash. Instead, it comes with only the single LED flash, but it should be more than enough for the occasional photography.

The sensor in the iPhone 5S is slightly larger than the unit found in the iPhone 5C.

With regard to pricing, the differences between the two phones becomes obvious since the iPhone 5S in the unlocked version of the 16 GB variant comes to $ 600, while the iPhone 5C will be around $ 520.

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