iPhone 6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

The rivalry between Apple and Samsung is one of the biggest tech rivalries of our day, between the number of competing products they create, the number of law suits they’ve filed against each other and even the marketing jokes made at each others expenses, it is a very hard thing to miss.

This is what makes every new mobile phone release from the two companies so interesting, as there is usually a fair amount of one upping involved. This is both great for the consumers of both devices, as well as observers. So, out of the two new and exciting new phone variants from both manufacturers this year, which is better?

First of all, what is the supposed use both bring to the table? The iPhone 6 Plus is Apples first attempt at a “phablet” device, being sized much larger than a normal phone and still bringing much of the same apple “charm” whereas the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is a new variant of their Galaxy Note 4, which offers a very large phablet style device with the power, battery life and camera to boot, but with a very unique touch that the screen is actually slightly curved, meaning some of the screen is essentially on the side of the device.

Two bold new advancements from two bold tech companies, but which is better? We’ll compare their internal specs, external appearance and weight and features. First, lets start with the feature you’ll notice first on a smart phone, the screen size. The iPhone 6 Plus is a big deal for being 5.2 inches, a fairly big jump from the rest of the phones Apple make, whereas Samsung have opted for a 5.6 inch screen on their device. The iPhone 6 plus screen is just 1080p (admittedly a first for apple devices) whereas the Galaxy Edge is 1440p, or QHD. This is a rather obvious win for Samsung with a larger, more pixel dense screen.

Next, how thin is the device? Being thin is one of Apple’s biggest priorities when creating a new device, and with the iPhone 6 Plus they delivered, at just 7.1mm thick. This has led to a few (note, FEW) cases with bending, but generally just means a more sleek looking device, which also weighs in at just 172g. The Galaxy Note Edge is a little thicker and heavier at 8.3mm thick and 184g, meaning Apple definitely win as far as thickness and weight go.

More importantly, what’s inside the device? The Galaxy Note Edge has a very high end quad core krait 450 clocked at 2.7GHz, which puts you right near the top of the smart phone market as far as processing speeds go. The iPhone 6 Plus has just a dual core A8 processor at 1.4GHz. This sounds pretty bad and admittedly punches above its weight with speeds and the actual performance, but is still a very large notch below the Galaxy Note Edge.

The storage and memory is an interesting one, because the iPhone 6 Plus has just 1GB or RAM to the Galaxy Note Edge’s 3GB. A massive difference which again is not quite so bad because of the difference in OS. However despite the very large differences in memory, the storage space is highly variable on the iPhone 6 Plus, ranging from 16 to 128GB, whereas the Galaxy Note Edge’s is 32GB or 64GB, which means the iPhone has a vague win here, assuming you shell out for a 128GB model.

Next up, an important one; the camera. The camera on your smart phone is something many use as their only camera, and it’s another case of night and day when it comes to the comparison, as the iPhone 6 Plus has an 8MP camera which can record 1080p at 60fps, and the Galaxy Note Edge can record in 4k at 30fps with it’s 16MP camera. If the camera is a serious consideration, the Galaxy Note Edge has a strong advantage here.

Finally, battery and battery life. Interestingly, the iPhone 6 is very slightly behind on battery (being 2915 MaH to the Galaxy Note Edges 3000MaH) but actually comes out ahead slightly for battery life, because of less power demanding software, and hardware. This means the iPhone 6 Plus should give you slightly longer battery lives during normal use.

So, the last thing that might sway you if at this point you’re still undecided is the “edge” in the Galaxy Note Edge. Honestly, although it is a unique feature that is a little more innovative than people might like to give it credit for, but it actually is a feature that adds more than it takes away. We can’t say right now if it’ll revolutionize the world, but if you want something different it’s definitely a fun thing to play with.

So to conclude the Galaxy Note Edge definitely takes the win as far as raw power, unique features and even value go. However of course if you prefer iOS and a sleeker design and are willing to pay the price for it, the iPhone 6 Plus is the phone for you.


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