iPhone 6 vs Lenovo S90 – A Copycat To iPhone?

Apple has been the target of copycats for longer than we can remember and the iPhone 6 is no exception from the rule.

The surprising fact is the launch of the Lenovo S90 which resembles Apple’s smartphone in terms of exterior design. It is the first time we see Lenovo release a product that resembles an Apple product with such fidelity but what about the device? Is it any good?

The Specs Beneath The S90 Shell

The S90 runs on a quad-core Cortex-A53 with a Adreno 306 CPU. While the 1.2 GHz quad CPU might seem enough the device only features 1GB of RAM. On the other hand it has 16GB of internal storage, dual SIM support and a Super AMOLED display with a 720 by 1280 pixels resolution. Screen size measures 5.0 inches with an average pixel density of 294.

Other specs that are worth mentioning is the 13 megapixel rear camera and the operating system which is Android v4.4.4 KitKat. Everything else from this point is no longer relevant. What is interesting about this device is its design.

The Outer Shell

The Lenovo S90 resembles the iPhone 6 and the similarities are obnoxiously obvious. Except for the larger form factor given by the 5.0 inch screen size on the S90 compared with the 4.7 inch screen on the iPhone the phones look almost identical. They offer almost identical colors. The S90 has the same rounded edges with a discrete line near the bottom back side for the antenna and the same aluminum case. The element that might set them apart is the bottom side of the frontal side that hosts the typical capacitive Android buttons. Other than that we have the same edge to edge screen.

The Confrontation

It is time to face the facts. The two phones are almost identical in terms of design but according to Lenovo the S90 does not copy the iPhone 6. Lenovo stated that the production and design cycle of a smartphone takes about a year which would rule out the idea of a copycat scenario but things get a bit weirder.

The Lenovo S90 will be sold only in China. Surely enough the market is large enough to help them sell a reasonable number of S90s however there is a bigger issue here. If Lenovo would sell their smartphone anywhere else they would get sued by Apple. It is a well-known fact that China tends to tolerate copycats as this is not the first situation in which a Chinese brand copies a product belonging to a different company. For Lenovo this is a subtle way of protecting itself by selling the product only in China. What the consumers see is a company that admitted through its actions that they copied a product.

Looking at the two phones side by side it is difficult to find similarities other than the design. The iPhone 6 is a flagship device with excellent hardware and an operating systems that is free of bugs and properly optimized.

At the other end we have the S90 which is a mediocre phone in terms of hardware specs. Lenovo built a great looking phone with mediocre specs. The result is an affordable iPhone look-alike.

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